Friday, May 18, 2018

first third

[tasty donut misadventures]

may 1st marked the end of the first third of the year. isn't that wild to think about? i'd never thought about breaking apart the year this way until i came across a social media post that made me think about it. it may sound somewhat strange, but i actually like the concept. if you break up the year, you can actually take a moment to reflect on what occurred during that time...what went well, what didn't, how you may be doing on a certain goal you had in mind, etc. it's hard to completely remember these moments when you look back on their entire year. but, looking back months at a time can give you the ability to make changes and adjustments where needed. any difficulties experienced can become moments to reflect on growth and wins can be fully appreciated. 

personally, i'd set out to work on several aspects of myself with no specific end dates. some were simple, like my goal to drink more water (i'm at 120 ounces a day now), and others were more complex/would take more time, like my goal to practice more compassion with myself (slow, but steadily getting better). but, having the opportunity to look back on my progress in the last several months was really motivating. being able to reflect gives yourself a kind of personal check-in which can also help when it comes to difficult moments...they are simply that, a moment, and not the entirety of your year or life. 

what do y'all think about the thirds idea? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

[cute wedding date]

[breakfast tacos for out of town guests]

[dance, dance, dance off]

[surprisingly tasty new recipe]

[celebrating amanda's little one to be]

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


have you ever thought about who you focus your energy towards? i'd seen several insta posts about the idea, but hadn't really taken to it until several months ago. i started to notice a bad habit of overextending myself in friendships that weren't reciprocal. i would consistently excuse it and never ask for the same courtesies in return...even though i was the one left feeling frustrated. so, i found myself at a crossroads - either continue to allow the pattern, or, change it. i decided to let go of my old habit and only spend my time and energies on relationships that were returned. life is far too short to waste time in friendships that are uneven. there is no reason to expend more of yourself to those who refuse to return effort. 

ever since taking a back step in that friendship, i felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. i no longer sit wondering about my status with that person or worry about coordinating everything in the relationship. so, for any of you who may have a friend that causes you to feel this way, take a step back and evaluate the level of input on both sides. if it's not equal or close to it, leave it be. set your focus on those that give equally in the relationship which will lead to a much more content you.

Monday, May 7, 2018


[puppy love]

first semester of grad school is in the books! still can't believe i've made it through a crazy busy season at work while getting back into the swing of things school-wise. it kind of feels like intense juggling. but, i'm feeling much more settled into my new routine and ready to keep going. although, i'll be honest, i'm looking forward to the brief break :) 
happy monday!

[funky drink combos]

[a sweet moment while waiting out the storm]


[hint: stop paying attention to this mat and pay attention to boba]

[a great wine rec]

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

check in

whew! these past two weeks have been an intensely packed amount of work and school that, at times, made me wonder how i could get it all done. and then, suddenly (or at least it feels like it), i've come out on the other side still kicking and with my brain intact. without y'all being in the mix of the past two weeks of chaos that was going on, it was the perfect collision of exhaustion from all sides with no time to recharge. thankfully, i am past the worst of it and only have a little bit left to go before completing my first semester of grad school - what! 

because most of my time was jam packed with work and school, not too much else happened. but, i thought it would be fun to share what few moments kept me pushing through. enjoy!

[springtime tart]

[rainy mornings and all the dots]

[one of the best bar signs]

[breakfast for dinner]

[tree transport]

[cute concert date]

[blood orange margarita break]

[girls night and dancing]

[rest and relax]

[farewell boren]

[a certain salmon loving pup begging for a plate]


Friday, April 13, 2018

awesome & awkward

[cheers to mini reunions]

awesome (movie-themed):
  • like so many i know, i loved the black panther movie. the soundtrack by kendrick lamar, the costumes, the hair, the character development and storyline...incredible. did anyone else tear up at killmonger's story? i cannot wait to see it again.
  • T and i finally saw the latest jumanji movie and it has made my love for jack black triple. he killed it at playing a self-absorbed teenager obsessed with her phone. #yassqueen
  • while i absolutely love wonder woman, after watching the justice league, i've become a huge fan of the flash. the character was hilarious, and i love his awkward commentary. 

  • a couple of weekends back, T and i were having dinner at m+j's and in the middle of conversation i took a bite out of a jalapeno popper. prior to the bite, michael stated he wasn't too sure these peppers would be hot at all. so, i took a big bite thinking i'd be safe...i could not have been more wrong. my eyes got huge, i started tearing up, and began chugging water before quickly switching to milk. it took awhile before i could easily talk and eat again. oops. 

[guinness stout cake with two icings]

[spiced up margies]

[gelato break]

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

405 day

last thursday, T and i enjoyed 405 brewing's fiesta for april 5th aka 405 day. 405 brewing celebrated all things 405 with local brews, music, food, and community. it was their first 405 fest, but, the crowds came out in full support. T and i, of course, love supporting local, but it makes me even happier to see the support of the community. 

to add to the festivities, 405 brewing debuted a new beer called stu aka their west coast ipa.  

[all the crowds in the tap room]

[coconut lavender lemonade - so, so good]

[the fried taco's bbq jackfruit taco - unbelievable]

in between the killer musical talents, T and jonathan (one of the owners of 405 brewing) had raffle drawings for local prizes from their 405 sponsors. i may be biased, but a certain baldy was a pretty great emcee. 

[couple of cuties]

['you are magical']

it was such a great night supporting local, and i already can't wait until next year's 405 day!

Friday, April 6, 2018


[friyay dinner]

spring...have you decided to not come to ok (or in general) after all? no one is wanting winter to stay around any longer. so, if you would like to breeze on through before we get to summer, i'd be okay with that. pretty please. 

seriously winter, go home - you're drunk. 

[floral rooms]

[dinner guest treats]

[the sweetest reunion]

[margarita break]

[cocktail hour]

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