Friday, July 13, 2018

light canopy

a couple of weekends back, T and i finally tackled a long-awaited to-do (even longer than our pipe shelving diy) - the light canopy for our back patio! we made one in our first place together but it broke after several months. the squirrels at our old place chewed through the wiring and the winds snapped the wooden poles. we learned a lot of lessons with our first canopy and couldn't wait to have a re-do with this project a second time around. 

[first lesson to use: thicker wooden beams and instead of concrete poured into the ground, it is poured into buckets that can be moved or thrown out]

[our favorite mosquito deterrent and all natural, aka the true mvp of this project]

once the concrete was poured, beams set and leveled, T drilled holes into the sides of buckets to help with drainage. then, we added small pebbles to cover the concrete and provide extra drainage for future planting. 

[T hanging our lights]

[second lesson to use: solar lights instead of plug-in, and fingers crossed squirrels don't attack these wires]

once the planters had settled, we added in soil, compost, and healthy citronella plants. i am all for greener solutions to keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay. plus, as they grow, they'll fill in the rest of the buckets. win-win! 

[enjoying the fruits of our labor]

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

90th birthday weekend

last weekend, T's family gathered together to celebrate his granddad's 90th birthday. it was a big one to celebrate and the fact that it brought so many of us together made it even more special. now, when you think of someone turning 90, many would imagine someone less able-bodied and somewhat functioning mentally. but, T's granddad kills it as he is still making wise-cracks about his age and taking care of himself (driving too). he is #oldergoals in the best way. 

the actual party took place saturday, however, some family members came in town friday. so, T and i hosted a little cocktail hour to welcome everyone and catch-up. all the little cousins had a blast playing together while the adults got to visit and swap stories. 

[fresh lemonade, sangria, and mint water]


then, saturday came and it was time to celebrate the birthday boy! 

[brothers catching up]

[all the kiddos]

[viewing old photos of granddad]


[coconut cream pie and white cake with vanilla buttercream and pineapple preserve filling]

[the webb men]

the party was a complete success and filled with so much love, great food (a huge thanks to sergios for all of their help), laughter, coconut cream pie (the birthday boy's favorite), and quality time celebrating our favorite family member. it was beautiful. 

[spiced pork rinds]

that night, T and i got together with some of our family from out of town for cocktails and dinner. 

[artwork courtesy of my 9 year old cousin alex]

after dinner, we showed everyone the views of campus at night and then went to have rolled ice cream (so good). 

[coffee + kit kat]

Friday, June 29, 2018


[best way to beat the heat]

happy friyay everyone! i am so excited for this weekend because one, i get to try out a new flavor from my favorite ice cream shop (see above) with my favorite gal pal this weekend. two, T and i are tackling a long-awaited diy that we cannot wait to reap the benefits from. and three, i have a new recipe to tackle for an upcoming fiesta (pineapple preserves). aside from the homework i have to tackle, i am so excited for these summery to-dos. 

[cutest preggo and birthday girl]

[new taco recipe, yes please!]

[one very happy T]

[the biggest burger i've ever eaten]

[weekend morning lounging]

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

awesome & awkward

[sibling happy hour]

  • about a month ago, T and i finally got to meet one of his oldest friend's' baby. it was such a treat to watch T's excitement about this new chapter in his friend's life. plus, of all the cutesy baby photos i've seen, i really love that T's friend goes for the goofy or awkward facial expressions to post. 
  • i've never talked about my work life on the blog. it has been an intentional choice, but there was a great moment that happened completely by accident. not long ago, i brought in a new stress toy for people to use in meetings. after recommending it to one individual in particular, there's been a huge shift in how that person responds in stressful situations. it was such a great win and made me really happy that something so small made such a huge impact.
  • so, i've talked about how solo watches tv occassionally, but we've recently started catching boba watching tv. funny thing is that he seems genuinely interested in watching for long periods of time (ears perked up, pensive expression, and focused eyes) whereas solo seems to be drawn by a lot of movement. boba's current favorite? brooklyn 99.  
  • during alton brown's interview on hot ones, he was asked about his experiences in the grocery store. aside from the obvious fans who ask him what they should purchase or try, alton moved onto a subject that made him more somber. he talked about his experiences when he sees some of the food choices other shoppers make with their grocery carts. when he sees what products shoppers have selected in their carts, it often makes him depressed and he will leave the store (cart left in the aisle) without purchasing his items. when asked why, alton said the choices people make with food that isn't nutritional, flavorful, or beneficial to the individual cause him to feel sad for grocery consumers. as a result, he commonly shops late at night where he is less likely to have issues. i found this not so much awkward, but interesting because i often have that exact conversation with T. now, i've never left my groceries, but i have become concerned, if not saddened, at some of the decisions i see. of course, we are all free to chose what we consume, but there are products that are not of any nutritional value and can cause harm. plus, there are always more ways to add flavor! take it what you will, but i found it interesting :) 

[chocolate break]

[red dirt rug]

[big stick house, little momma]

Friday, June 15, 2018

ride okc

last saturday, T and i took a bike tour through downtown okc with ride okc. ride okc recently opened as a bicycling tour guide throughout the metro area offering art + architecture, cookies, and brewery tours. with options like those, who could say no, right? 

after mulling over our options, T and i decided to check out the art + architecture tour. it seemed like the perfect activity to get into on a sunny summer morning. 

[learning about okc's oldest hotel]

[T and our awesome guide, ryan]

[the largest bronze sculpture short of buddhist temples...crazy, right?]

[admiring the boat-shaped boathouse]

[my favorite mural]

[i love this house]

the temperatures may have been a little toasty, but our tour was dynamite. we couldn't have been happier with our tour guide and can't wait to take another tour. thanks again for everything ryan!

Monday, June 11, 2018

beginning french cooking

for this year's birthday, my cousins very sweetly gifted me dorie greenspan's cookbook on french cuisine in the home. i've always been interested in testing my cooking skills with french foods, but i didn't think i was at the level of trying out julia child's book. truthfully, as much as i admire julia as well as everything she has done for making french cooking accessible for americans...i am so intimidated. dorie's book appealed to me because it made the recipes she selected seem so relaxed and easy-going where anyone could try them out. granted, julia's book has the same intention, but even julia loved dorie's way of narrating her recipes. aka a good sign for an intimidated cook like myself. one day julia, i will work through your book. 

[chicken diable with garlicky, crumb-coated broccoli]

both recipes were amazingly delicious and the scents created while making each dish was spectacular. i really wish there was a scratch and sniff function to these photos because the photos only tell a small part of the story. 

overall, the dishes weren't too complicated. however, they did require a good amount of time as the dynamite flavors from the dishes came from layering the seasonings over steps. it was well-worth the work and wait. 

[chicken in a pot: the garlic and lemon version]

so far, having only tackled two recipes, i cannot wait to see, smell, and taste more recipes from this cookbook!

Friday, June 8, 2018

summer to-do list

"summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. for those few months, you're not required to be who everyone thinks you are, and that cut-grass smell in the air and the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool give you a courage you don't have the rest of the year. you can be grateful and easy, with no eyes on you, and no past. summer just opens the door and lets you out." - deb caletti

i just adore summertime. the long, sun-filled days stretching into those balmy nights with the sounds of crickets singing. it has a certain sweetness to it, don't you think? even though i don't get to experience the same joy of being out of school for the summer i still look forward to it with the same excitement. it just feels like there is so much more life to live during the summertime. 

here's what i'm looking forward to doing most:
  • take a bike tour of okc to explore hidden gems
  • try out a few adventurous ice cream flavors including passion fruit, ricotta, and blackberry cheesecake
  • resume sunset walks in the neighborhood with T and the pups
  • master homemade pineapple preserves for an upcoming family celebration this summer
  • soak up extra sun rays by the pool or lake with friends
  • work on a couple of backyard projects to maximize al fresco dining
  • take a taco tour of okc's best taco trucks in the southern metro area
  • take advantage of happy hour drinks and oysters at the drake and o bar
  • make use of the walking paths near my office by taking short breaks to clear my mind
  • practice a better life-work-school balance with this semester's course...including making use of rest days

what are y'all looking forward to doing this season?

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