Friday, December 13, 2019

new orleans

this post has been long overdue but, life and class really got in the way of blogging this semester. thankfully, its over (finally!!) and i can catch you up on our adventure of a trip to new orleans back in october. this year marked our fifth anniversary and we felt it deserved something extra fun. i had my sights on exploring new orleans for awhile but it kept getting placed on the back burner. then, T had a blast there during a recent business trip and it re-ignited my thirst for all things nola. sadly, we only had a long weekend to explore it so, each day was jam-packed with any and all fun things we could squeeze in. 

we had a pretty easy drive from ok to la up until the last hour of the drive into the city. an intense storm came through that really dragged things out so, we dashed our first night explore the city plans for low-key airbnb neighborhood hanging. at first, our change in plans seemed like such a bummer but, it led us to find a gem of a dive bar with some of the friendliest locals you'd ever meet. the cocktails were great, the atmosphere cozy, and our friend-making skills helped steer us towards some amazing local eats that weekend. seriously pals, you were one of the best accidental finds we could have ever had!

[hollywood starlet-themed cocktails]

[exploring our darling neighborhood]

after ride okc helped us discover our love for bike tours, i knew we had to do check out a local tour while in town. if you ever have a few hours to burn, are interested in seeing the city from a local's perspective, and are ready to work up a sweat (from the biking and the humidity) then, make sure to book a tour with flambeaux. our guide was friendly, energetic, and engaging. we learned so much about the history and culture of the city while getting to see some amazing street art (my favorite). 

[amazing talent left and right]

[mid-mural viewing bliss]

[banksy sighting, nbd]

[love this sculpture of buddy bolden and the story behind it]

[cemetery touring; gorgeous and haunting]

after our dynamite tour, T and i were feeling famished (not surprising since we had been biking for four hours). so, our guide pointed us in the direction of his favorite po' boy shop and we were off!

[we were not prepared for how delicious these would be]

[darling little nooks]

we spent the afternoon popping in and out of different neighborhoods, shops, and bars. and after finding some jems, we set out for the next recommended eats from our buds at pals. 

[my favorite oysters, maybe ever]

we first set our sights on sampling tasty cocktails, oysters, and empanada combos at the auction house market. once again, we were not prepared for how killer everything would be and could have very easily spent the rest of the night there. but, we had reservations to get to, and boy, were they worth it. peche, you have my heart and stomach and were the ultimate anniversary dinner. such a treat and you left us feeling a little love drunk from such a beautiful experience.

we started the day with a dynamite brunch spread at willa jean's where i fell in love with the combination of braised short ribs, grits, and a poached egg. it was a beautiful match made in harmony and i cannot wait to re-create it. and, in true blue indulgence, T and i had their deconstructed red velvet cake. if you ever have the chance to try it, do it! it is...divine. 

[my favorite date]

[shades of brown]

[the heavenly red velvet cake, deconstructed]


after such a filling brunch, we had to walk the decadence off before our afternoon plans. so, we found little shops and sights to keep us busy. 

[literally, dead]

then, T and i spent an entertaining few hours at a distillery tour learning all things new orleans rum. our guide, bob, has one quick wit and kept us all enthralled with the rum making and tasting process. before that tour, i felt a little uneasy about diving deep on rum since it's not exactly my favorite spirit. but, this distillery tour made fans out of both T and i. 

[oyster and shrimp taco happy hour]

after finding some tasty nibbles at the french market, T and i set off to explore studio be. it was one of the most powerful, engaging, and moving exhibits i have come across. i cannot recommend it enough that everyone see it, at least once. i could have easily spent all afternoon there and still felt like it wasn't enough time. 

[you are still here]

[neighborhood happy hour]

after freshening up for our evening plans, we met up with friends at coterie for tasty louisiana classics before checking out all the touristy dives for drinks. while T and i don't particularly care for the bar trap scene on bourbon street, it was pretty fun to take it all in.  

after our late night festivities saturday night, we were feeling a little sluggish and decided to take a leisurely-paced brunch at the beautifully delicious, jack rose

feeling the need to walk off another indulgent meal, we checked out the sculpture garden at the new orleans museum of art. personally, i have always loved paintings but, there is something about sculptures that really calls to me. know what i mean?

[this piece was one of two that we chatted about the most]

whether you are a fan of sculptures or not, it is worth spending a few hours walking about the exhibit. T initially felt lukewarm about seeing the garden but, quickly changed his mind and fell in love with all of the gorgeous eye candy. plus, it was a great way to soak up some extra vitamin d rays. 

[hello, there]

[my personal favorite]

[does one really say no to swan paddle boats?]

[walking around our darling neighborhood]

feeling snacky and ready for refreshment, T and i spent a gorgeous happy hour sampling a-mazing wines, cheeses, meats, and nibbles. we got to know some fun locals while listening to great live jazz may go down as one of our favorite sundays. 

[taking it all in]

[a stunning mosaic]

feeling ready for dinner and excited to try another local rec, we set off to have the most delectable blue crab raviolo and wine. keeping with the theme of the weekend, T and i were not ready for how tasty it would be. we made more local friends, sampled great drinks, and then set off for our ghost tour. 

so, i will say, the only thing we regretted doing during our trip was this tour. being so close to halloween and with a full moon that night, we expected it to be pretty spooky, if not scary. unfortunately, it was neither and left us thinking we could have better spent our money elsewhere. but, sometimes that happens on trips so, it's not that huge of a loss. 

[classic new orleans moment]

aside from our ghost tour being a bust, our weekend away was everything we could have hoped for and then some. armed with even more recs from our local friends, we can't wait to come back to explore even more. until then new orleans, cheers!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

(belated) summer season

[our annual lake trip photo]

wow, time sure does fly when you get busy! there were so many moments over the summer where i had the itch to blog. then, before i knew it, i would get busy with work and school and life...and blogging got further and further away. but, i truly missed writing here about the little moments of joy and curiosity in my life. 

after a little regrouping and reassessing my time and blog, i've decided to re-commit to posting at least once a month (more if i can) during this busy season in life. for any of you who are still tuning in to this space, i truly appreciate y'all following along and your patience. to kick things back off, i put together a recap of all the fun had over the summer while taking summer classes. 


[delicious nibbles]

[new farm to table dinner with family]

[finally finding the perfect from-scratch brownie recipe!]

[a sea of my favorite scent]

[summer solstice wine and cheese class]

[triple couple dates]

[my sweet baby got bit 😢]

[upping our fancy sandwich game]

[4th of july in a hot city]

[the single most moving exhibit i've ever seen]

[serious domino gaming]


[zoo day with our nephew]

[finding our new favorite watering hole]

[cuddles with my favorite little wolf]

[dutch baby sampling with my best babe and her little one on the way]

[careful inspection of what's going into the compost]

[beautiful record art work]

[big ol' rib]

[moody bathrooms]

[just a couple of giggly bros sharing manhattans]

[cocktail tasting]

[surprise flashes of color]

[celebrating two of my favorite people]

[delicate little details]

[hipster crawl with the gang]

[finding a new love in local restaurants]

[a very happy boy]

[storm watching]

[loving a new dinner recipe]

[puppy finding at a work event]

[baldies enjoying ships at sail]

[cute day date]

[does anyone else have a pup who puts his foot in his mouth when he sleeps?]

[late night campus bike ride]

[a mexican dinner party with friends]

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