Wednesday, September 20, 2017

falling for autumn

[can't wait to see these colors in the leaves]

can you believe tomorrow is the first official day of fall? it feels like summer slowly crept past, and i didn't even realize it was gone until it was too late! but, i can't say i'm too sad about it though. fall holds such a special place in my heart since i always like to think of it as a season of warmth and comfort. 

here's what i'm looking forward to most this coming season:
  • try out this and this fall-themed pasta recipe from scratch
  • take a long weekend to camp out in the ouachita mountains with T and the pups
  • up my camp cook game with this apple crisp recipe
  • check out the drive-in for a cool weather friday night feature
  • see the latest rotating gallery on campus with T for a little day date
  • savor the cooler temps and gorgeous foliage over a jammy wine at one of our favorite tucked away bar patios
  • build our light canopy to enjoy our new, vintage hot tub (post to come)
  • stargaze in T's new inflatable hammock
  • if we can swing it, host a chili cook-off and cornhole tournament with friends
  • excite the inner child within by whipping up leftover halloween candy blondies and browned butter rice krispies treats
what are y'all looking forward to this season?

[hanging fireside, cozy with wine]

[hearty, warm your bones comfort food]

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


last saturday, T thought he and i were going out to celebrate his 30th birthday early just the two of us since we'd be out of town for his actual birthday. but, what actually happened was a surprise party filled with some of his dearest friends, his favorite views of the city, slice after slice of pizza, too many laughs, hugs, and high-fives to count, and the healthiest wine pours. for months i'd been planning away, and it made my heart all too happy to see my plans finally come together to celebrate my sweet husband.  

[hey T's head]

since my beau is a man of simplicity and humor, i thought the best decor would be life-size versions of his face. our guests had loads of fun posing with them and/or leaving them in bushes to spook anyone nearby. the guys had a lot of fun creating new ways to play 'where's T?' (a fun play on where's waldo)

[this burrata and that truffle honey...i'll dream of it always]

[which T is the real one?!]

[couple of goofs]

[T got thirsty]

[the bros altogether]

[the roasted goat pizza; yum]

[group shot, plus, find T]

[love these women]

[welcome to the 30s club!]

after snacking on amazing pizza, singing happy birthday to the birthday boy over a mountain of cookies, and loads more posing with T's signs, we ventured to the next location. we kept the party going with the remaining gang while sipping delicious cocktails at my favorite supper club. the guys kept the jokes coming with T's signs while we toasted to our favorite baldy. 

[i love this photo]

[which T is which]

[bro hugs; hey ladies]

it was the most perfect night to toast to one of my favorite humans, and was such a blast. a huge thanks to hall's pizza for being so outstanding with everything as well as our friends who sweetly came out from near and far...and a happy early 30th birthday to T. i can't wait to see what this year holds for you :)

Monday, September 11, 2017


[celebrating the soon-to-be addition to our friends' family]

hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes...holy cow. with everything going on, i'm a little stumped on what to write, honestly. it just feels a little hard to focus with such an influx of natural disasters occurring so close together in so many places across the country. i'm just hoping those caught in these disasters are safe, and that it starts to dissipate soon. i feel guilty my state has reaped the benefit of (unusually early) cool weather, so as odd as it sounds, i hope it warms back up and balances out. 

hoping all of you are staying safe!

[totality eclipse of the heart]

[breakfast catch-up]

[missing my favorite goat]

[it's starting to look like soup season!]

[couple of cuties]

Friday, September 8, 2017

flower power

happy fri-yay everyone! is it just me, or does it feel like the week following a holiday weekend is more intense, and exhausting? well, at least in my neck of the woods, it has felt that way. i'm looking forward to soaking up some quality time with T and the pups, and maybe taking advantage of a weekend nap or two ;) 

by the way, i'm currently working on combining two ice cream recipes to make a banana + sweet cream ice cream with nilla wafers...if it comes together how i hope, it'll be the ice cream version of a banana cream pie. wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

awesome and awkward

[patterned eye candy]

  • have you guys heard of the youtube channel binging with babish? well, have you ever watched a movie or tv show, and thought, oh my gosh, i wish i could eat that (aka me most of the time)? then this channel is for you. they tackle everything from the infamous goodfellas prison sauce to pulp fiction's big kahuna burger to bob's burgers' inventive creations. trust me when i say you'll wish you were one of the chef's neighbors who got to eat his treats after watching just one episode.
  • last weekend, T found a way to kick up our bike gang romps to the next bringing our bluetooth speaker to blast classic 80s jams. we had such a blast riding around town singing along to several favorites like "don't you (forget about me)", and "down under". 
  • tomorrow, i'll get to try out my first barre class at udander. truthfully, i'm a little nervous about it since i've heard barre is pretty intense. but i do love switching it up, so i'm feeling game for the challenge. i mean, it can't be worse than hot yoga, pilates, or free weights, right? at least i'll get a mini spa soak afterwards ;) 
  • several times this summer, i have had some windy dress problems. to the point that i may have to just start wearing shorts under every dress when there is even the slightest gust of wind. and i'm not saying just a small burst of wind. i'm talking dress goes all the way up to my midriff in a crowded know, something you'd really wish wouldn't happen in a parking lot or a corn hole tournament. cue all the eye rolling emojis, ugh. 
  • while out celebrating my brother's birthday with my family, we had been talking about spicy peppers and our friends' reactions. just after that moment, our food came out (last photo below) and i ate what i thought was a small tomato garnish from my dish. the moment my teeth bit the "tomato" in half, i realized i had made a huge mistake. it wasn't a tomato, but a small (very spicy) pepper! i spent the next 20 minutes eating tortillas and drinking water to help cool off my mouth. and it took a little over half that time before i could taste anything. oops.

[summertime lunching]

[learning more about the new deal]

[beware of the little peppers!]

[splash pad on a humid morning makes for a spooky sight]

[feijoada + caipirinha break]

Monday, August 28, 2017

garden goat yoga

last saturday, jana and i went to the myriad gardens for a little yoga flow with billy goats. you heard me right! us + goats + yoga = the happiest gals ever. billy goat ice cream co. wanted to celebrate/promote their stillwater-based ice cream becoming available in sprouts throughout the state. so, what better way to do that than to offer free ice cream while we get our flow on with sweet goats. pretty much the single best way to make ice cream better!

[decisions, decisions]

[bourbon good!]

[mike stopped by to say hello]

while we waited for our class time to come around, jana and i snacked on their ice cream (her strawberry balsamic was delicious), and marveled at the adorable goats. our two favorites were the salt 'n pepper shaker goat, and the snow white goat. my nicknames for them were danny gloatver (he was the epitome of the infamous line from lethal weapon since he was a very sweet curmudgeon, but liked to be left alone), and billy idol (he was quite the rebel) respectively.  

[half flow, half excitement at the cute goats roaming around]

[danny gloatver helping jana with balancing table pose]

we had such a fun time during our class, although we didn't get much exercise in since we were so focused on our furry friends. so, we walked over to a shady spot at the park to get a full yoga routine in before grabbing lunch. 

thanks again billy goat for hosting such a great event - we had a blast!

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