Friday, April 13, 2018

awesome & awkward

[cheers to mini reunions]

awesome (movie-themed):
  • like so many i know, i loved the black panther movie. the soundtrack by kendrick lamar, the costumes, the hair, the character development and storyline...incredible. did anyone else tear up at killmonger's story? i cannot wait to see it again.
  • T and i finally saw the latest jumanji movie and it has made my love for jack black triple. he killed it at playing a self-absorbed teenager obsessed with her phone. #yassqueen
  • while i absolutely love wonder woman, after watching the justice league, i've become a huge fan of the flash. the character was hilarious, and i love his awkward commentary. 

  • a couple of weekends back, T and i were having dinner at m+j's and in the middle of conversation i took a bite out of a jalapeno popper. prior to the bite, michael stated he wasn't too sure these peppers would be hot at all. so, i took a big bite thinking i'd be safe...i could not have been more wrong. my eyes got huge, i started tearing up, and began chugging water before quickly switching to milk. it took awhile before i could easily talk and eat again. oops. 

[guinness stout cake with two icings]

[spiced up margies]

[gelato break]

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

405 day

last thursday, T and i enjoyed 405 brewing's fiesta for april 5th aka 405 day. 405 brewing celebrated all things 405 with local brews, music, food, and community. it was their first 405 fest, but, the crowds came out in full support. T and i, of course, love supporting local, but it makes me even happier to see the support of the community. 

to add to the festivities, 405 brewing debuted a new beer called stu aka their west coast ipa.  

[all the crowds in the tap room]

[coconut lavender lemonade - so, so good]

[the fried taco's bbq jackfruit taco - unbelievable]

in between the killer musical talents, T and jonathan (one of the owners of 405 brewing) had raffle drawings for local prizes from their 405 sponsors. i may be biased, but a certain baldy was a pretty great emcee. 

[couple of cuties]

['you are magical']

it was such a great night supporting local, and i already can't wait until next year's 405 day!

Friday, April 6, 2018


[friyay dinner]

spring...have you decided to not come to ok (or in general) after all? no one is wanting winter to stay around any longer. so, if you would like to breeze on through before we get to summer, i'd be okay with that. pretty please. 

seriously winter, go home - you're drunk. 

[floral rooms]

[dinner guest treats]

[the sweetest reunion]

[margarita break]

[cocktail hour]

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

ziplining in ok

a couple of weekends back, my dad set us up for a ziplining tour to celebrate his birthday. it was his, my mom's, and brother's first time to zipline and what better place to do it than at T and i's wedding venue!

you heard me right, T and i's wedding venue has a zipline tour on the grounds. how cool is that? it was so wild to be back at postoak since the last time we were there, we were getting hitched. on the drive there, T said, i remember the last time we were driving here, you were way more stressed about all the things you had to get done. he was SO right. that to-do list seemed to never end. then, we were married, we snapped photos, we partied, we after-partied, then we left crazy early the next morning for our mexican honeymoon. it was intense and wild and beautiful. but, back to the zipline :)

[going through all the instructions]

the weather was supposed to be sunny, springtime temps and perfect for zipping through the trees. what we unfortunately got was frigid winds with intermittent sun. not ideal zipling weather, but at the same time, nothing makes you forget your fears about letting go than that oklahoma wind! 

[see ya T]

[mom coming in fast]

[downtown tulsa in the distance]

honestly, even with the cold, the tour was so unbelievably fun. i view it as an upgraded roller coaster-slide combo with a hint of feeling like a action star...aka all fun and a great way to celebrate another year around the sun for my sweet dad. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ga comes to ok, part two

[post-workout selfie]

on the second half of laura's visit to oklahoma, we took things a little slower. lots of sleeping in before working out and exploring all the places. is it weird i already miss just going to the gym together? 

[the tastiest lunch break]

[give me all the juice]

on monday, i took laura to some of my favorite okc spots including my favorite juice bar, and watering hole. plus, we got to try out a new-ish deli that had been on my to-do list!

[pensive and pretty]

[cocktails over great views]



then, we indulged in all the tasty burrata, wine, and pizza we could was divine. and we of course couldn't leave out dessert so we tried out another new-ish norman spot that featured an ice cream churro bowl dessert. we couldn't have been happier. 

[one of the best desserts i've ever had]

[funny movie marathons]

the next day, we kept it lazy with funny movie marathons with a lunch + shopping break in between. 

[lunch break]

[shop wandering]

[relatable signage]

[tasty dinner]

only to return home for a pajama party and more movies/heart-to-heart conversations. 

[the saddest goodbyes]

then, just like that, it was time for my little peach to head back home. T, the pups, and myself already miss her loads and can't wait for her to come back soon. 
until next time!

Monday, March 26, 2018

ga comes to ok, part one

last week, i said a very tearful farewell to one of my most treasured friends who came to stay with T and i for near a week. we had such an absolute blast running around town sipping tasty cocktails, eating the delicious treats, and savoring all the quality time we could get. 

here's part one of what we were up to while she was in town.  

[first thing's first, cucumber margies]

[chicken mojo tacos + avocado crema]

once laura's flight got in, we took it easy for awhile to soak up the springtime weather over cocktails and a couple of very overjoyed pups. after dinner, T and i took laura to a local bar to try out their signature cocktail.

[swirls courtesy of the mont]

[music convos]

[st. patty's day brews]

the next day, we took laura to T's favorite local brewery for a tour and a killer tasting. T and laura left with full bellies and dreams about the upcoming sours to be. 

[spiked shake and fry break]

later, we had our friends mariah and arin over for what had to be one of the funniest dinners we've ever hosted - and that's saying something. 

[wings, two ways, and mojitos]

[brunching done right]

the next day, we had the most indulgent brunch and took a much needed walk through the botanical gardens.

[loving the textures]

[love this one for taking us around]

[post-garden tour cocktails]

[butterbeer ice cream break]

afterwards, we headed back to the house for a lazy evening of movie marathons and pajama lounging. aka, a great day in my book!

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