Wednesday, September 25, 2019

(belated) summer season

[our annual lake trip photo]

wow, time sure does fly when you get busy! there were so many moments over the summer where i had the itch to blog. then, before i knew it, i would get busy with work and school and life...and blogging got further and further away. but, i truly missed writing here about the little moments of joy and curiosity in my life. 

after a little regrouping and reassessing my time and blog, i've decided to re-commit to posting at least once a month (more if i can) during this busy season in life. for any of you who are still tuning in to this space, i truly appreciate y'all following along and your patience. to kick things back off, i put together a recap of all the fun had over the summer while taking summer classes. 


[delicious nibbles]

[new farm to table dinner with family]

[finally finding the perfect from-scratch brownie recipe!]

[a sea of my favorite scent]

[summer solstice wine and cheese class]

[triple couple dates]

[my sweet baby got bit 😢]

[upping our fancy sandwich game]

[4th of july in a hot city]

[the single most moving exhibit i've ever seen]

[serious domino gaming]


[zoo day with our nephew]

[finding our new favorite watering hole]

[cuddles with my favorite little wolf]

[dutch baby sampling with my best babe and her little one on the way]

[careful inspection of what's going into the compost]

[beautiful record art work]

[big ol' rib]

[moody bathrooms]

[just a couple of giggly bros sharing manhattans]

[cocktail tasting]

[surprise flashes of color]

[celebrating two of my favorite people]

[delicate little details]

[hipster crawl with the gang]

[finding a new love in local restaurants]

[a very happy boy]

[storm watching]

[loving a new dinner recipe]

[puppy finding at a work event]

[baldies enjoying ships at sail]

[cute day date]

[does anyone else have a pup who puts his foot in his mouth when he sleeps?]

[late night campus bike ride]

[a mexican dinner party with friends]

Friday, June 14, 2019

santa maria

a few weeks back, T and i visited our dear friends cat and matt in santa maria for memorial day weekend. it was my first time to see california and i was treated to quite the first experience as we stayed at matt's home on the grounds of his vineyard and winery. ...what! it was such a great trip that was of course filled with yummy food, great wine, and wonderful company.  

day one:
we flew in early in the morning and spent our first hours driving along the california coast where we made a pit stop to play in the pacific. even on a stormy day with chilly water temps, it was pretty gorgeous. later, we met cat and matt at a local shop for lunch where i fell in love with caneles, sampled wines while we unpacked, ate matt's infamous burgers, and took a tour of the vineyard. 

[a rainy romp in the ocean]

[gorgeous winding roads]

[matt working away on his burgers]

[a couple of bros talking all things wine]

[raul, our gucci fiat]

day two:
we ventured up the interstate to tour hearst castle in san simeon, snacked on delicious pastries from a local shop, learned how to make fresh orecchiette, and whipped up an amazing dinner with fantastic wine pairings. two things that happened by this point in the trip - i found orecchiette to be far easier to make than i thought and i found several pinot noirs to fall in love with (i previously swore off of them). 

[hello lovely pastries]

[catching rays and wind]

[stunning views from the top of hearst castle]

[hi there, little ears]

day three:
we had another day of overcast which meant it was perfect for wine tasting. we first stopped by a local restaurant to sample some seriously tasty food and wine. then, we walked down the street to sample more wines and got into some serious corn hole and bocce ball matches (the trash talking was pretty hilarious). after, we took a tour of matt's winery, snacked on cuban food, and boogied to our heart's content to an 80s cover band. 

[my new favorite snack - sardines on crackers with salted butter and sriracha (trust me, its divine)]

[all the deep belly laughs]

[tours of the cave aka tyler's new happy place]

[cat and i taking in the views and gearing up for the dance party to come]

day four:
after a lot of wine tasting the day before, we took it a little slower and headed to pisco beach where T and matt surfed the choppy waters. cat and i cozied up under the pier where we sipped on hard cider and chatted it up. after, we had in and out (no offense to tx, but ca in and out is far better) for lunch, slurped up tasty pho, and spent the night in watching marvel movies. 

[moody beaching]

[perfect cider sippin' weather]

[yum and yes!]

[steak tartare and fries...omg]

day five:
the am was spent with us gals lounging at the house together while the guys went on quite the bonding hike (aka it was pretty dicey at times). cat and i had an indulgent lunch and the guys met back up with us after they finished. on our last night, T and i thought we would whip up our homemade pizzas for our hosts and they treated us to a tasting of matt's wines. they were the perfect pairing and a great way to close out our trip.   

[more wines coming out for the tasting makes for a happy T]

[fresh pizza dough and wines]

day six: 
T and i, reluctantly, said our farewells to cat and matt, took one last drive/pit stop along the coast, and said adios to the gucci fiat. we had such a lovely time and i, of course, loved soaking up all the quality time with my cat. here's to our next visit and our wonderful hosts! 

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