Thursday, October 31, 2013

something wicked

[a basket of tiny pumpkins? i want them all]
not too long ago, a few friends of mine got together at alex's house for a wine and pumpkin carving party. so, T and i went to a pumpkin patch down the way from us to pick one out...

[safety first]
after narrowing it down, we went with this biggin' for our design-to-be...


and after lots of wine, tasty snacks, and pumpkin guts, here are our designs. (laun's dinos in love are my favorite)

and here's ours, the boogeyman from nightmare before christmas!
happy halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

fall fest

[the kraken]

when it comes to getting in the halloween spirit, i am not one for partaking in scary movies or horror houses. in fact, i absolutely hate being spooked and the thought of intentionally doing anything to scare myself, makes my skin crawl. despite all this, halloween is one of my favorite holidays. but, i mainly like to focus on celebrating with costume parties, pumpkin carving, hocus pocus and cutesy decor. so, when i found out our town would play host to fall fest, i was thrilled to check out an event that would be scare-free.  

T very sweetly came along even though he is one of those (crazy) people who love to get scared on purpose. case in point: in high school, T went to an abandoned school in the middle of the night with his friends just because they knew it would freak them all out...yep, that will never be me!

[amelia earhart and her plane]

[a big hotdog checking out a little one]

[ninjas on the prowl]

and while this was primarily for little kiddos, i had a blast seeing all the fun costumes, sipping on yummy cider and treats (candy), and, seeing all the shops decorated to perfection.

[my favorite costume ever, boo from monsters inc]

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


"this outfit would be so much cuter with tights" -
while i am one for swimming in the colorful clothes pool, it can sometimes be a nice change of pace to put together an outfit of just neutrals. when getting dressed, i felt this dress would help brighten up an otherwise dreary day but, with it being chilly out, felt it was time to officially break out the cool weather tights. (which, for those who don't already know, is the best way to extend a spring-like dress into the fall, or winter, weather) keeping the theme, i went with a dark colored cardigan and accents while punching up the overall look with a patterned coat and complementing bag.


and by the way, this month marks my second year into blogging with making lemonade! still can't believe it's flown by so fast but, thanks to everyone who has checked in and followed along on this journey!

Monday, October 21, 2013


[bonfires at sunset]
this past weekend felt lazy and productive at the same time. which, i'm not even sure you could have both, but, it felt like we came close! T and i have made some serious head-way on our halloween costumes, kept warm by the firepit under a very full moon, used some inspiration from the nightmare before christmas to carve up a very spooky pumpkin with friends, enjoyed a few fall-themed cocktails, and, we got to enjoy late nights cozying under the covers while watching movies.
hoping everyone had a great weekend!

[the first stew of the season]

[farm/ranch pups. they always have the sweetest personalities, especially the very pregnant mama pup below]

[this super creative oil company owner's birthday cake]

[garden tomatoes with a tiny dash of sea salt]

[and this one. but, then again, he's always a favorite of mine]

Friday, October 18, 2013

to the pumpkin patch

while we were out at reding farms, laun, andrew, T and i visited their sweet little pumpkin patch. i've always wanted to be able to pick my own pumpkin straight from the vine, and, i finally got my chance. granted, these were teensy ones but, it still counts ;)

[the teensy yellow pumpkin that could]

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the a maize-ing corn maze

so, remember how i said i'd like to try my hand at a corn maze? well over the weekend, i got to see what T and i were made of when we drove out to reding farms in chickasha with laun and andrew (or l&a...i'm big about shortening our friends who are couples if you couldn't tell). and, i have to say, with it being one of the spookiest months of the year, that corn mazes in person are a little on the creepy side. well, not was gorgeous out there but, it did tend to get quiet pretty easy plus, it did not help that T and andrew decided it was a good time practicing scaring laun and i!

[this guy...i swear. he's lucky he's so cute ;)]

[love them]

so, my first big tidbit about navigating a corn maze is, the maps don't help. i mean, at all. (other than they show you the really awesome design they made.) we figured we should try the medium-difficult since we thought it would be no challenge to us. oh, how wrong we were! unsurprisngly enough, it all started to look the same especially when the stalks were past our heads.
the game then became to get more and more lost to up the ante of course :)

[playing model with laun, of course. love her]

another tidbit? we started to realize that everything we said while in the corn maze sounded like we were going to stumble into a scooby doo episode or onto a horror film set. especially when andrew said, "hey guys, i bet we'd cover more ground if we split up" or "did you guys hear that?".

[oops...laun blocked andrew's face. i guess she was really excited]
but, finally we conquered the maze! feeling pumped and kinda worn out, we took advantage of the bonfire nearby and figured there would be no better treat than some good ol' fashioned s'mores!

happy hump day!

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