Friday, June 26, 2015

there and back again, a wedding's tale: three

the next leg of our road trip adventure, to visit my grandparents in atlanta! well, technically, marietta but, for those who aren't familiar with the atlanta metro, it's atlanta. we were so excited to explore the area more, sample delicious foods and libations, and spend loads of quality time with family. 

[the gorgeous secret garden that is my grandparents' backyard]

first up while we were there, i had to teach my grandma how to make my cucumber margaritas. to say they were a hit would be a major understatement. even at dinner later that night, my grandpa kept talking about how much he loved them! 

next, we checked out the marietta square where we, snacked on some of the biggest slices of pizza i've ever seen, did some window shopping, and savored some new ice cream combos. we also learned mondays are not the best days to stop in on the sqaure, hence the window shopping :)

[sweet treat break]

[the sweetest little patio]

[mezcal, you've earned a spot in my heart with this one]

an afternoon at the aquarium

while many may not know, my grandma is a volunteer at the georgia aquarium; easily, one of the best aquariums i've ever visited. their dedication to research in conservation, health and rescue in marine life, and the enthusiasm of their staff make it a major favorite of mine. plus, it was so fun to watch my grandma show T all of the exhibits. oh, and one teensy tiny thing...T and i got to swim with the whale sharks!! there will be a post on that later but, suffice it to say, it was one of the best moments in my life. 


[the above and below, yeah, that's the one we swam in!]

[learning about how each ecosystem is managed]


ever thought you'd be having a gourmet dinner while watching military personnel fly helicopters nearby? me either! and i certainly didn't think such a place would specialize in serving liquid nitrogen cocktails but, here we are. and, it was every bit as delicious and aesthetically pleasing as i could've hope for. 

[mango margarita frozen and formed with liquid nitrogen]

russellville pit stop

initially, our stop was to be in fort smith. but, we were making such great timing coming back home, that we made the last minute switch and boy, am i glad we did. T and i were craving barbeque, because, what's a trip through the south without it? and so, after a quick search, we stumbled upon this mom 'n pop shop right by lake dardanelle. 

[so, so good]

it was a great way to reflect on our week+ adventure taking in an unexpected gem of a view before making the final stretch home. but, we couldn't deny how much we missed those furry boys of ours or our oklahoma-based family + friends. 

[i love these faces; lots of smooches were given to these noses]

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

there and back again, a wedding's tale: two

[an auburn-themed hot rod]

[blue bagel, why can't you be closer?!]

the big day 

first up on the big day, breakfast. T and i walked over to auburn's campus corner to grab a bite and i had a mini love affair with my fresh bagel. seriously, i could go for a war eagle on an onion bagel any day! after, T and i ran the reception table cards up to the wedding planner and got a sneak peek of the events to come. picture gorgeous florals, various planners a buzz, a stunning bride getting ready, papa brookshire telling another great story, and sadie kate (jess and john's lab puppy) terrorized the staff on the reception grounds. as chaotic as having a puppy running around a mansion is, it made for adorably funny interruptions prior to the big event. 

[behind the scenes wedding prep]

the ceremony, heartfelt and tender. the reception, absolutely breathtaking. like the perfect sentence, it had a great beginning, middle, and end. we could not be more happy for two people to embark on such an amazing chapter in their lives and are so ecstatic we could be a part of it. 

[cocktail hour]

[hey whit!]

[my very hunky date]

[mama and papa brookshire ready to party]

[the spade's grand entrance, will & kate style]

[fast friends - i seriously wish we lived closer!]

[table dance moves from these two]

[T's new beefcake bud]

[sparkler and auburn fight chant send off]

the after party

after so much fun at the wedding, a big group from the bridal party met up at a local bar to keep the festivities going. lots of drinks, auburn fight chants sung, and original dance moves. between it and the after after hang in our hotel room, i was on cloud nine with sore abs from laughing so much. we may have also been told to keep it down a few times...whoops. reunions are never quiet or subdued, especially when the four of us get together :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

there and back again, a wedding's tale: one

[that's right, war eagle! (but, really, boomer sooner!)]

a couple weeks back, T and i embarked on a week+ road trip through the south. our main points were to see my darling get married in auburn and spend some quality time with my grandparents in atlanta. however, we added in a few stopping points along the way to see T's family in memphis, check out the art district in birmingham, and sample some killer bbq alongside a lake in russellville. as jam-packed as it was, it was filled with some of the greatest moments with some of the most wonderful people. 

[dawn, you are seriously the most underrated time of day in terms of looks]

memphis pit stop

while i do love a good road trip, it doesn't take too long to feel stir crazy driving for such long stretches of time. so, to help make the trip less daunting, i always like to find great pit stops for us to get out, stretch our legs, and eat something that is not fast food. and so, our first am stop would be for breakfast with T's tennessee-based family. 

[elvis' favorite diner, and, hands down the best sweet potato pancakes]

birmingham pit stop

T and i are pretty healthy eaters which is the typical enemy of road trips. so, i planned our next stop to be at a cozy cafe that offered lighter lunch options we'd love, smack in the arts district. perfect spot to explore a bit on foot, enjoy delicious food combinations, and refresh before getting back out on the road again. 

[between the panini and the miso caesar salad, we are huge fans]

auburn wedding weekend

once we'd arrived in auburn, we checked in, refreshed, and ventured out to celebrate the bride-to-be's birthday. the company - hilarious, fun, and warm; the wine - ever flowing, and delicious; and the food - too good for words...i still have dreams about their seafood carbonara. we had such a great time and it was the perfect way to start the festivites. we walked back to our hotel that night (don't worry, it was a very short five minute walk) already feeling so energized and content. 

[our adorable welcome basket]

[birthday babes]

[dreamy seafood carbonara]

the rehearsal

first up on the day before the big day was the bridemaids brunch. absolutely gorgeous, from the decor to the food and drinks to the lovely ladies in attendance; it was the sweetest way to start off the day's events. 

afterwards, T and i spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, soaking up all the sunshine we possibly could. it was just what the doctor ordered to help us recharge after the long drive the day before. 

rehearsal dinner

local country band, taco bar, and a star-filled sky were the setting for a dynamite night. everything about it, made me flashback to jessica (the bride-to-be), laura, whitney, and i meeting for the first time. it is so strange to think that four girls who met purely out of chance in a foreign country connected to each other on such a profound level... and here we are, years later, getting together for each others major life events. when i look back on it, so much of our friendships started from a simple invite to hang during siesta, or to go check out a new discoteca, when we could have very easily just not met up. such simple choices led to such deep-rooted ties that are just as strong now, hundreds of miles away, as they were then, when we were mere neighborhoods away. of all the things that occurred my 21st year of life, they were by far the best. i love these girls, and it meant so much to me for T to get to know and love them (and their significant others) like i do. 

[i mean, so freaking adorable]

[left to right: whit, me, laura, jess, and nicole (my new fave)]

[being an adult is eating cupcakes in bed in the middle of the night, just because]

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