Wednesday, February 26, 2014

birthday bash

so, you may or may not know, but, alex and i share the same birth month (her's is in the beginning of the month and mine is towards the end). this year, we thought we would switch things up and throw a joint birthday party complete with party hats (and crowns), drinks, games, a dance-off, and best of all, cake.

[the birthday princess, myself, and laun]

it was such a great way to celebrate with our amazing friends and the perfect party. the only thing i think i would change, is to sport my tutu too ;)

[strawberry bavarian creme cake. my new favorite]

Monday, February 24, 2014

seeing spots

remember how i said i'm wary of wearing animal prints unless it's in small doses? well, i've decided to amend that to small doses, including leggings. i found these late one night (at walmart no me, i was as surprised as you are) when baking and had run out of a last minute ingredient. i saw these and thought i would try them out. the print alone was intimidating but, after pairing it with some plain basic tops and tunics, has become a quick favorite.

[got caught dancing...oops]

Friday, February 21, 2014


do you ever just get the itch to take a trip? or to venture out of your normal routine and explore new surroundings? T and i do on occassion but, the wintry blizzards have kicked up our travel lust like crazy. and while, the weather conditions make it too difficult to travel by plane, we thought a mini roadtrip would satiate our cravings for exploration. so, we visited T's family down in texas where we were treated to dynamite ribs (i'm still dreaming about them), great wine, fun architecture, and amazing conversation.

while we were there, we also got to sit in on a cooking class by graham dodds, a local chef who hails from hibiscus. his dry humor and sarcasm were perfectly paired with his knowledge of using local produce and delicious food.

[veal stew with saffron risotto...yum]

[my favorite on quirky stairs]

we also got to explore the nearby farmer's market where i found i was very popular for the street vendors to give food samples to...and of course, i couldn't say no. ;)

[the holiday in cabo from the meddlesome moth]

plus, i found sweet little treasures to fall in love with. it was the perfect getaway and left us feeling refreshed to return home.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

kitchen 324

on a seriously chilly, gray day, alex and i got together for brunch at kitchen 324. i had been hearing such great things about it but, didn't have the opportunity to venture downtown until a couple weekends ago. a new york-style hang complete with gorgeous art deco details and truly unique food combos...i could hardly wait!

[in love with their bright citrus juice!]

[their fresh bakery with the most amazing cinnamon rolls]

and, much like i thought, it did not disappoint. between the bacon & monterey jack strata alex had, the fried green tomato benny that i had, and the cinnamon roll (okay, okay, we had two...they were too good to resist!)...we left, pleasantly full and on the best foodie high. kitchen 324, you certainly helped brighten up a dreary day and, we will most definitely be back soon!

***this is not a sponsored post***

Monday, February 17, 2014


[lunch at cool greens, my favorite]
hope you all had a great weekend! oddly enough, as the polar vortex is ripping through most of the country, oklahoma had beautifully spring-ish weather. so we seized the opportunity to sip wine on the porch, play with the dogs outside, and even, take the scooter for a couple spins. it was absolutely lovely.

[fresh pineapple slices from the farmer's market in dallas]

[the boys' excitement for a snow day]

[family dinner with delicious food from das boot]

[take out sushi from a new local favorite]

[soon-to-be-big-dog paws on a sweet puppy]

Friday, February 14, 2014

mini tutu

like most little girls, i wanted to be a ballerina. i just loved their graceful movements, gorgeous footwork, and their tutus. and while, i loved dance growing up, i was never quite committed to the dedication it took to become a ballet dancer. so i stuck to jazz, hip hop, and modern. but, i would always envy those tutus they got to perform in.
when i first laid eyes on this skirt, it was like i flashed back to those days of daydreaming of tutus all over again. and so, while i never became a ballerina, i did get to eventually find my own version of a tutu ;)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mr clean and curly sue

not too long ago, T and i met up with the lovely, melissa green, to take our engagement photos. and although it was set in a winter month, the weather was beautifully fall-like. it couldn't have been more perfect of a setting to get all cozied up to each other.


thank you so much melissa for making us feel comfortable and capturing us in such a lovely way. your patience, direction, and laughs made it all the more easier.

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