Sunday, December 30, 2012

snow day

[how cute is this photo of solo?!]
we had a white christmas! for those of you who are not from oklahoma and do not know how strange this phenomenon is, i will repeat again, we had a white christmas!! and while we don't get massive amounts like my family up north gets, T and i were super excited to wake up to it. plus, boba happens to be a big fan of snow...i mean, it's probably his second favorite thing besides eating, sleeping, playing with his squeaky toy, swimming.... ;)
but, we were most excited to see how our polar bear of a pup, solo, would take to it!

sure enough, he was a big fan and especially loved running around in it, rolling in it, finding poopsicles in it (ick), sliding in get the idea!

[on the lookout for more snow to run in]

the pups were so excited to romp around, they frequently tangled themselves up around each other...and me. but who cares, it's a snow day! (plus, they were more interested in covering us with snow and ice to bother with their leashes. that's what a couple of trouble-making pups are supposed to do right?!)

hope any others who got snow out there had as much fun as we did!


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