Friday, May 30, 2014

the webblorette, part one

last weekend was a whirlwind of a blast. start to finish, it was filled with so many amazing moments that i will treasure forever. my 'maids are seriously the best a girl could ask for and i am so honored they treated me to such a stellar trip. and while, i know every bride says this, it was really the best bachelorette weekend ever.

[mango margaritas, my favorite]

the first up, on our road to austin, was a pit stop outside of dallas to relax, gear up and gal pal. we stayed at michael's (jana's bf) dad's place where we were treated to some great patio time and wine. it was the perfect way to get pumped for the events to come, and helped break up the long drive.  

[an inside joke]

we then woke up bright and early to finish the drive and check in at our hotel...

[cheers to the weekend!]

once we got settled, we ventured out to a nearby tapas bar for lunch and champagne...because what's a bachelorette without celebratory champagne?

post-lunch nap, we got dolled up for an amazing dinner. it was everything i love...warm, intimate, and most of all, fun. a dinner to remember, for sure.

later that night, we walked about rainey street enjoying the energy before planting ourselves at a nearby bar. between the warm temps, mint juleps, jazz music, and great atmosphere, i was in heaven. i even got to reunite with some old friends who lived there!  

after we had our fill of cocktails, mini donuts, and food truck tacos, we pedicabbed it back to the hotel where we reminisced about all the fun moments from that night.

[taken while on the pedicab]

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the little black dress

sometimes, there is nothing better than the power of the little black dress. so simple, yet, such a big impact. i had been on the hunt for the perfect lbd for some time when i came across this one. i knew when i saw it, it was the one i had been waiting for. just the right amount of coverage and allure while being extremely comfortable...a perfect mashup of funky and cute while not being too trendy. to say i love it, is a huge understatement.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

polka dots & a long weekend

today i am buzzing with energy and excitement since i am setting off for my bachelorette with my bridesmaids tomorrow! we are roadtripping it down to austin where we will have our fill of great drinks, delicious tacos, dance parties, pool lounging, and too many laughs to count. i cannot explain how amazing these ladies are and how much they mean to me. and while it is tradition that the bridesmaids throw a bachelorette party for the bride, it means the world to me that they would put so much time and effort into something for little 'ole me. i surely do love them.
have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

blue dome

last weekend, T and i drove up to tulsa to tackle a couple wedding to-do's, celebrate a belated mother's day, and check out blue dome art festival.

i always love getting to check out the local vendors' goods each year while sampling several of the amazing food trucks' delicious concoctions.

[i always love picking up a new okie-themed tee from darby and dash]

plus, i love seeing the funky cars! the phone car was an easy favorite followed by the tie dye van that makes an annual appearance.

[made me laugh]

[weekend specials from lick your lips mini donuts]

a personal highlight for me this year was getting to sip on a freshly juiced pineapple, served in a pineapple with extra slices! pineapple is one of my very favorite fruits and my only regret is that i didn't get another. ;)

Friday, May 16, 2014


[falling in love with these funky flats i recently picked up]
i don't know why but, i am ecstatic it's friday. and, for no other reason than my love for fridays, and the promise of weekend adventures. the plans set for this one make me think it will be pretty great. hoping yours will be too!

[catching up over grilled cheeses with one of my favorites]

[i love the shades of pink and red our roses are blooming with this year]

[impromptu hot dog date with T]

[polka dots and colbalt blue]

[the most delicious grilled taco recipe]

[getting in two wedding shoe potentials]

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