Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween means...time travel?

well, maybe not. but when it comes to T and i's costumes for halloween, it does! ever since we first started dressing up together, we've always tried to go with costumes that are the perfect combination of classic and uncommon. not so uncommon where people don't know what we are but, just enough so we don't run into any others dressed like us ;)
last year, we went as mr. clean and the 50s housewife. it ended up being a huge hit and was probably the most comfortable i've ever been on that holiday ;) this year however, we kept coming up short on what to do, when i came up with the idea of a bootlegging 20s couple. T was the paperboy covering for our moonshining business and i, of course, spent all the earnings on fancy jewels and parties. too much back story?? okay, we're just a 20s couple.

as for tonight, T and i will be carving our pumpkins, snacking on vampire cupcakes (pictures to come) and watching spooky movies. hope your halloween is bewitchingly fun too!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

i love...

[impromptu pizza nights with friends]

[snail mail...i love giving it and getting it. so simple and completely underrated]

[lemonade margaritas]

[my boys]

[i have never been so excited to see a work truck or wished i needed concrete cut. can the pup come too?]

[rice crispy treats. a forgotten favorite, even as an adult]

Friday, October 26, 2012

the fall season

now that it is finally starting to cool back down, it finally feels like fall 'round here. i, for one, am so happy as i always feel rejuvenated by the crispness in the air. there's so much i love about it, that i made a to-do list of all the things i want to make sure to squeeze in before winter sets in!

fall to-do list:

make a giant leaf pile to jump into
take more walks with the pups to enjoy the cooler breezes
carve pumpkins
gear up for friendsgiving, i.e. the overindulgence to come
bake fall-themed sweets, like rice crispy treats...mmm
whip up a batch of homemade caramel (i've only done it once by accident!)
invite friends over for fireside wine nights
trek out for tailgating festivities as often as possible

hoping everyone is excited for the upcoming season!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

wooden spoon: balsamic and honey carrots

i felt for my october wooden spoon that i would make something halloween-like and while carrots aren't really spooky, it's orange. (which is close enough in my book) here's what you'll need:
3-4 large carrots, cleaned and peeled
1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup of honey

first, combine both your balsamic vinegar and honey in a measuring cup and whisk until smooth and well mixed. it should be syrupy like below...

next, after you have cleaned and pealed your carrots, have pups eagerly waiting for you to drop food, and a trash can handy just in case - slice in half and quarter length-wise your carrots. (if you like smaller pieces, feel free to slice in half again!)

now, heat a half inch of water in a medium-sized pot on med-high heat until boiling. place the carrots in, turn off heat and cover for three minutes or until carrots are tender but not soggy.
then drain the water and place carrots back into the warm pot. immediately drizzle your balsamic-honey mixture over and toss to mix.

serve up and enjoy! mmm!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

life according to my iphone..

[chicken and butternut squash stew & little solo checking out his reflection - he does that a lot]

[watching the sunset pre-football season & some new additions to our home]

[over estimating how quickly i could devour ice cream in 100+ heat..even the woman in drive-thru laughed when i took it & our sweet ying and yang pups]

[late night cookout & solo hiding behind me...he's scared of the grill :)]

[a happy papa out on the beach...i love seeing that look & sandy toes]

[lemon/lime dessert drinks my grr's whipped up & i've never been so happy seeing so much crab]

[supplies for new projects around the house & the first signs of fall]

[franken-brownies..deliciously spooky & enjoying red wine in the crisp fall air]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

vintage finds: cream and tan

fall, where did you go? are you coming back?! i got so cozy with wearing sweaters and boots but then, nature had another idea of fun and it's back into the 80s again. ugh!! oh well..hopefully this means it's the last hoo-rah for warm weather before crisp fall sets in. mmm...

i have to admit, i am a little obsessed with this jacket. i mean, the caped collar, the subtle texture with the right accents and cream colored...where have you been all my life! the feel of this look made me think i was on a movie set for a day in the park in the 60s.

this leaf and i will hopefully be seeing some fall weather soon (fingers crossed)!

Friday, October 12, 2012

i love...

[festive veggies for the start of the fall season]
this weekend is a biggie for all sooner fans alike since it's OU/TX! sadly T and i will not be making the trek down to join in the festivities but we will be watching the game in eager anticipation for the sooners win (obviously). this month also marks a year of making lemonade...eek! that sounds crazy to say out loud but more importantly, i just want to say thanks to everyone who checks out my fancy little blog :)

[cooler weather means the lift of the burn ban so grilling-out is back on!]

[writing sweet notes in the sand to each other]

[cooking with sweet potatoes and squashes as often as possible. colorfully yummy.]

[T and i's new concoction aka the pumpkin pie: pumpkin pie liquer, splash of brandy and sprinkle of cinnamon]

[this face. he makes it everytime i get on my laptop..utterly irresistable]

Monday, October 8, 2012

the donut hole

our last day on holiday, my dad, T and i ventured for an early morning delight at a local bakery called the donut hole. my dad had heard of it via a friend and was promptly warned to get there early as they sell out each day. and while i wasn't so sure a bakery would be worth the wait of losing great sleep hours, seeing the lines around the shop were enticing enough to try it out.

(when we got there we saw two cop cars parked out front...and, not to be a smart ass about it but, i take that as a good sign in a donut shop)

upon walking in, still sleepy-eyed, bright lights illuminated baked goods from donuts to cupcakes to key lime pies. i caught my breath, could it be real?

to which i looked over to my shoulder at this guy who gave a look of "well, ya. where did you think you were?"

if can read the signage then you are right in seeing a key lime-filled donut. i had no idea such deliciousness existed!!
my two favorites of the bunch were key lime-filled (of course) and the red velvet (ah-mazing). my only regret is that i didn't get more of these two!

[our last sunset. i sure do love this photo.]

thanks for being such treats in enjoying our vacation via posts! i'll be back with some fall-like entries in the next day or so :)


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