Friday, March 25, 2016

the in between...

[cloud-filled views]

"take a rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop" - ovid

tonight T and i are going to tracy morgan's stand-up, and i am buzzing with excitement. we've been longtime fans of his, and are thrilled to get to see his comeback tour. on a separate note, i'll be taking the next week+ off from the blog. if for no other reason than to have a little time off to enjoy the sunshine, and take a break. 

have a great weekend!


[catching up with our tx cousin over tex-mex]

[wedding candids]

[afternoon lighting]

[midday 'bucks break]

[dinner prep]

[friday cocktail hour]

[sweet boys]


[a good friday night]

[post-yoga bliss]

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

two in one

spring season is (officially) here which typically means we have a very full calendar, and this year is no exception. between the spring wedding season, birthday parties, holidays and the like, every weekend is jam-packed with things to do. thank goodness for smartphones since it has been our saving grace to stay on track. not to jinx ourselves but, we haven't slipped on plans once! 

here are a few snapshots from some of the most recent gatherings T and i loved...

[ribs and tabouli...does it get any better?]

the garden party:

not too far back, T and i went up to my parents for a family birthday party to celebrate my and my cousin's birthdays. the weather was being semi-temperamental between gorgeous warm temps then cool gusts of wind. thankfully, it cooperated a bit and we were able to enjoy the party outside. 

[love this pic]

[hanging with my little cousin]

it was a great afternoon catching up with my family while enjoying some killer bbq. and it may have been a quick visit, but totally worth the extra time on the road to get to spend some quality time with them.  

baby shower:

last sunday, i had the pleasure of celebrating my good friend's pregnancy. from the moment we first met, we instantly connected, and i just adore her. i don't think i've laughed more at a baby shower than at hers. the banter between her and her husband is pretty hilarious.

[unwrapping gifts]

[whimsical diaper cake]

not only was she and baby #3 showered with lots of love, (and some seriously adorable baby clothes) but i love anytime i get to see this gang. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

wedding shower

last saturday, T and i got together with our friends to help celebrate the upcoming wedding for m+j. these two are some of our absolute favorite people, and just so happen to be one of our favorite couples too. so, spending a night showering them with a kinds of love and awesomeness was an easy yes.    

[m+j balloons]

[70s van made an appearance]

[smiles all around]

[prettiest bride-to-be]

there were great tunes (of course), tasty snacks, and just all around wonderful company. i'm pretty sure at some point T and i may have agreed to a future lip sync battle with our friends. 

[testing out party napkins in advance...#typos]


then at one point, the guys broke out into know, normal wedding shower stuff ;)

[pug life with bruce]

getting closer and closer to the big day with under 30 days to go!

[all the girls]

Friday, March 18, 2016

awesome and awkward

[old fashioned + oysters]

  • the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack has been on repeat lately which has lead to a lot of dance parties in our house.
  • small personal win - i haven't killed any of the plants in our house. not one. some are even outgrowing their pots, believe it or not!
  • without T knowing i had my eye on it, he surprised me with chrissy teigen's new cookbook, cravings. it'll be quite the balancing act between working through her delicious book, and rotating healthier options. but, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ;) 
  • i had worn one of my favorite sweater dresses to work, and found it had bright pink pit stains. i'd been raising my arms up quite a bit throughout the day, and (sadly) only caught it once i got home.  
  • while out and about, a stranger asked if i had been feeling ill or got enough sleep. neither were the case, and when i let said so, they followed with, "are you sure?" ...yeah, pretty sure. but, thanks anyway. 

[cute paws]

[lobster bisque of my dreams]

[hat model]

[dessert time]

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

announcing the alexanders

wedding season has officially kicked off, and who better to start it on the right foot than our two amazing friends, nehemiah and simone. the ceremony was heartfelt, tender, and beautiful. i loved seeing the two cultures and traditions come together in such a meaningful way. 

then, while the newlyweds took their photos, we had a couple cocktails, snacked on yummy appetizers, and caught up with friends in town. i really do love when this gang of friends gets together. there's always lots of laughter, lots of hugs, and a whole lot of friend love. 

sometime after that, we welcomed the newly-pronouced mr. and mrs. alexander, and kicked off the reception in full swing. 

[cute date]

we had such a stellar time celebrating these two tying the knot, and couldn't be happier for their life together. thanks for giving us an excuse to drive down to dallas, and...mazel tov!

[next up this wedding season are these two lovebirds]

Monday, March 14, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[florals are blooming; saturday happy hour]

we've officially sprung forward, and you know what that means? all of those delicious fruits will be in season! i always get so excited just thinking about all the yummy things i can make -- from strawberry ice cream, icebox pies, mixed berry crostadas, and grilled pears with caramel. the only problem now is to decide which recipe to whip up first :)

[midweek dinner with friends; my boys]

[squash for grilling; gift for my best]

[jedi in training (you will give me the pizza)]

[bright workout gear; colorful happy mail]

[breakfast sandwich; my favorite pug]

[blooming trees; all the takeout]

[salt 'n pepper; funky leggings]

[honey oat bread; storm's coming]

[an old favorite; spacey workout theme]

[hanging with his curtain; lunchtime]

[smoothie run; okc walking]

[roadside views]

[pinterest-y details; sneaky pup]

[my shadow; sun break]

[sunset peek; favorite cola]

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