Wednesday, January 28, 2015

mobster dinner

[prepping for the great lasagna assembly]

several months ago, our group of friends decided to start a monthly dinner party as a way to stay connected as our lives get busier. each month, it rotates between a new person's house where they choose the theme and make a single dish while everyone else brings other entrees or side dishes. this way, whomever hosts isn't burdened with preparing a whole dinner for so many people. this marks our third month into it, and it was our turn. our theme? classic italian mobster - think the godfather, aka T's favorite movie, complete with my homemade lasagna!

so much great food, wine, laughs...i couldn't have been more pleased with how it went. great meatballs, garlic bread, macaroni 'n cheese, italian salad and...cannolis made from scratch! 


[group shot]

can't wait to see what's in store for next month's dinner :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

home improvement

next up on our home improvement, T and i cracked into putting up our art wall and mirrors in the living room. we had a partial art wall in our old place but, felt like we could really run wild with it in our new home. so, we put on some jazz records, pulled each one out, and began to piece it together. i loved seeing our styles and history coming together with every brush stroke and flash of color. as i see it more and more, i find a new part to love every time. 

[boba loving the new setting too]

then, to add extra light and contrast to the art wall, T and i installed several hexagon mirrors. initially, i thought a beehive formation of the mirrors could be fun but, we instead went for a semi-molecular shape. don't ask why or how we got the idea but, so far, we love it. and may add more mirrors to it as we go in the near future :)

[my favorite little succulent container - taken from my wedding bouquet]

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

minty fresh

it can be pretty easy to get stuck in the doldrums of repeat outfits least it's that way for me. the best cure? a perk-up with my favorite color, the many gorgeous shades of blue. it may not get me any closer to warm weather but, it will at least help me be a little less ho-hum about it. 

Friday, January 16, 2015


[mint oreo donut, a new favorite]

this weekend is going to be a good one...T and i are working on a few projects around the house, my best starts looking for the dress, the 'rents are staying with us for a couple of days which means lots of food, drink, and great memories, and, i will (hopefully) get to quench my philly cheesesteak craving. 

have a great one!

[new bone-shaped food mat for the boys]

[chamomile tea with fresh mint leaves]

[the positivity of preston meyers] 

[bourbon and orange sweet tea]

[all day and all night with this bone]

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

awesome and awkward

[hot cocoa from scratch, yum]

  • i just started getting into hot yoga and, aside from the excessive sweating, it is amazing. i am a huge fan.
  • we start dress shopping for my best's wedding day this weekend (yay!!)
  • this is now my third month getting happy mail, and, it's pretty much the best. 
  • in my first hot yoga class, the velcro strap caught on my hair. so, i kept pulling up my mat with each move until i finally noticed it and detached myself. i'm not sure how long it had been in there before i noticed...
  • i was reading to my 3 year old nephew to try to get him to fall asleep last week. as he starts to quiet down to (hopefully) sleep, he gets a strange look on his face and then lets out this huge, thundering fart. ...right in my lap. 
happy hump day!

[makes me so happy each time i get one!]

Friday, January 9, 2015

shades of neutral

when i was in middle school and high school, i used to do some local modeling. nothing crazy big, and i did solely runway and print work. one theme that i typically got was wearing menswear...i know, it sounds weird, right? but, the idea was to have a contrast between the exaggerated soft feminine features juxtaposed against the hardened structure of the men's suit. since then, anytime i see menswear, i flashback to those days posing in a full suit, makeup and hair done up, against funky architecture. 

and while i no longer sport a full suit, i do love the contrast the jacket alone adds to an outfit. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

life, according to my iphone: winter break

[beautiful blood oranges; people-watching while washing our bedding]

hope y'all had a great holiday break! T and i had a great first christmas in our new home as newlyweds, created some new traditions for our little family while holding onto some of the old ones, feasted on great food, lounged about with cocktails, partook in some fun games with family and friends, and vegged out as often as possible. it was sublime to say the, i thought i'd share some snaps i loved. enjoy!

[seat jacker; southwest chicken chili...perfect for chilly nights]

[broccoli mac 'n cheese; overcast afternoon light]

[my darling is getting married!!; blizzards from DQ]

[my sweet boys; office pup scarf]

[designlovefest wallpaper; parmesan with a side of pasta]

[christmas eve fun]

[pj party with my nephew; T calming his niece - he is a true blue baby whisperer]

[christmas day gifting]

[boba - chewing on his xmas bone; solo - exhausted from chewing on his xmas bone]

[christmas with the webbs; T and his dad with the ham]

[tree glow at my parents; great pizza in my hometown]

[boxing day at my parents'; two of my favorites]

[matchy-match; someone breaking the rules at my 'rents']

[movie night; my mom got them matching pj bottoms, adorable]

[game night with the gang; midday movie]

[something new and something old; donut crushing]

[bone-hog; pj party with christmas movies by the fire]

[nye dinner]

[new year's day good luck charm; basket of treats]

[cute kitchen accessories]

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