Friday, July 31, 2015


funny story, i've had this menswear dress shirt and d'orsay flats for some time now. but, until i put this outfit together one morning for work, i'd never noticed that they matched. i picked them both up separately but, you'd think i got them with the other in mind. weird, right? 

tonight, T and i are set to try a SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga class on the lake...well, as long as the predicted storm doesn't actually do too much. but, how cool is that? i've been dying to try it out! just wish me luck i don't fall in the water :)  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

sunday dinner

for several months now, T, my brother, and myself have been getting together every sunday for family dinner. it first started out as a little GoT watch party and has kept going ever since. after reading this post not too long ago, i thought i'd switch things up for our family dinner with a shrimp boil! 

honestly, it was so much easier, and even more delicious than i'd imagined. unfortunately, my brother couldn't make it but, m&j made for great guinea pigs. :)

[that little bundle = all the good flavors]


[to add an extra kick]

[the aftermath]

and what shrimp boil would be complete without peach cobbler? my mom was sweet enough to bring me a 1/2 bushel of peaches on her last visit so, i of course had to include them. oh, and i made homemade mexican vanilla ice cream...the combination was divine. 

[not the prettiest cobbler but, so delicious]

[full, happy bellies and ready to start the week!]

Monday, July 27, 2015

travel bug: dallas

after reading through 36 hours (the complete series), i've been really interested in trying to explore nearby cities and states more often in mini 'scapes. granted, i've visited dallas several times so, it isn't a "new" city to me per se but, i wanted to see/do more than just make the usual rounds. 

cut to, a quick mini trip to dallas i took with my parents a couple weeks ago. in true 36 hour fashion, it was jam-packed with loads of sights, sounds, and tastes. and while it was exhausting (as all short 'scapes are), it left me with a new perspective of a city i'd visited so many times before. 

first up, lunch. after making our food truck decisions, we savored our lunches in the park. between the great people watching, funky landscaping and architecture, as well as local shops in attendance, i was in love. short of the intense texas heat, it was sublime. 

[rice bowls and basil lemonade]

[my dad's love affair with his pastrami sandwich]

[chocolate chip cookie + strawberry mojito ice cream sandwich]

next up, we checked out the art collection at dma. i always love seeing what museums curate from place to place. my personal favorites were frank bowling's map paintings, and design from 1960s to present. 



[love this piece]

[through an iphone x3]

post-museum, we powdered our noses, took a breather, and re-emerged for dinner where i had some of the best enchiladas and elotes. plus, what's a visit to texas without sampling some great mexican food?

[such a babe]

[the wild 'rita]

[paletas are always a good idea]

later, we ventured over to see pippin. and while, it may not have been my favorite storyline, the costumes, songs, cast, and acrobatic routines were phenomenal.

lastly, we hit up ikea for a few home goods...because, why not? dallas, you were such a treat. thanks for such a great time, as always.

Friday, July 24, 2015

anchor down okc

happy friday everyone! let's toast to the weekend with cocktails, patio lounging, and corn dogs...yum. granted these weren't the reward to enduring the blazing heat and carnival rides at the state fair but, they were just as mouth-watering all the same.  

last weekend, my parents + T and i checked out anchor down, a new restaurant specializing in gourmet corn dogs as well as some insanely delicious hush puppies. i've always been a sucker for corn dogs but, these took the cake. the batter, the 'dogs' themselves, the locally made condiments...oh man. it was too good. my favorites: the roger dog (i'm a sucker for the classic), the wild dog (this week's meat used was hog, yum), and the cheese dog (talk about an unexpected favorite. it was like having the corn dog version of a grilled cheese with tomato soup. what!). 

[watering hole]

[the savory hush pup]

[so good. so happy]

[isn't she cute?]


[the sweet hush pup]

[remodeled shipping containers never looked so good]

needless to say, we are all big fans and will be back very soon. keep up the great work anchor down!

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