Wednesday, April 30, 2014

nmf 7

this past weekend, our town played host to the 7th norman music festival. my parents came in town to see what all the excitement was all about, and boy, were they in for a treat!

[direct connect putting on another entertaining concert]

we had so much fun showing them around to all the bands, food trucks, and festivities up and down main street on saturday. fortunately for us, the weather was kind enough to play along and it made for such a great time (minus the random sun shower)!

[nemo rocked the two glasses look]

[these popsicles surely lived up to their name]

[we tried the strawberry lemonade and the banana pudding]

[my cute baldy and i]

once we had our fill of the festival, we biked back to our house but, not before taking in all the lovely blooms from this season.

Friday, April 25, 2014


this outfit kind of fell into my lap. i was getting dressed, and just started trying on pieces randomly, when all of a sudden i looked up and realized it worked. granted, it's not the standard stripes and florals mix that is all a buzz this season but, who says mix 'n match prints are limited to those two?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


[my favorite pup nose]
hope everyone had a great weekend! this past sunday, was T's nephew's first big easter egg hunt. well, technically it's his second but, the first he started to understand the idea of the hunt. it was so much fun to help him look for the eggs and then share in his excitement over the fun goodies he got. (mostly stickers and little crafts...he's one of the few kids out there who doesn't like candy. i know, i didn't think they existed either.)

[walking through campus at dusk]

[greeting the morning with one of my favorite fruit smoothies]

[funky boots on funky floors]

[the unsinkable gets hit with an iceberg]

[walking two of my favorite boys]

Monday, April 21, 2014

pregnancy gifting diy

first off, i should start with, i am not pregnant. i didn't want to give off the wrong impression to anyone reading this thinking it was me hinting at something. but, T's sister kim, is, and we are so excited for her since we just found out she is having a baby girl!! and while this gift can be given in the first trimester, i felt it would be more fun to personalize it once we knew the sex of the baby.
preparing for a new little one can be so exciting, as well as nerve-racking. lots to bring in and change around to make it just right. however, this can mean that the pregnant momma puts her own needs to the side and forgets to treat herself. so, i thought this care package would be the perfect boost to make kim feel loved, comforted, and just a bit spoiled. she is after all going through quite the transformation, so she deserves something just for her. upon delivering it, i received the greatest reaction i could've hoped for, tears and all. since it meant so much to her, i thought it would be great to share for any of you out there wanting to shower your loved ones who are expecting, a little extra love...just for them.


here's what i included:
  • a congrats card (color-coordinated according to gender) - for sweet notes and to share excitement
  • pink (or blue) nail polish - to pretty up those amazing looking nails
  • thick, extra soft socks with aloe - to soothe her tired feet after a long day
  • burt's bees foot cream - to further treat those toes to extra love and ease the swelling
  • burt's bees mama bee vitamin e oil - to help nourish the skin and help healing
  • burt's bees mama bee belly butter - for preventing stretch marks
  • great with child by beth fennelly - to empower her, comfort her, and give advice from one mother to another. i figured this would be helpful since a lot of expecting books can overwhelm, or cause panic with too much information. you are a momma warrior and should feel nothing less than :)

here's to hoping whomever you gift this to loves it just as much as my future sil (sis-in-law) did!

Friday, April 18, 2014

rose sangria

i am seriously in love with all the seasonal fruits and wines available this time of year. so much so, i felt like it was best to celebrate with combining the two for a delicious sangria. word to the wise: this sangria should at least be made a day in advance of enjoying. trust me when i say, you will not regret waiting. the way the fruits mix with the's the stuff dreams are made of!

so, let's get started...
1 pitcher
1 long stirring spoon
1.5 bottles of a crisp, dry rose wine (our favorite is the casal garcia)
1 cup of club soda
1/4 cup peach brandy
1.5 cups of mangoes (fresh is best but, i used frozen since it was what i had on hand for making smoothies)
1.5 cups of strawberries (again, fresh is best but, i used frozen since it was what i had on hand for making smoothies)
1/2 cup of raspberries
1/3 cup of blueberries
1. start by adding in all your fruit into the pitcher.
2. pour in your brandy, wine, and seltzer. stir thoroughly to combine, and refrigerate.
3. prior to serving, stir again, making sure to mix the fruits up.
4. pour into glasses and enjoy!

cheers to a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hint of green

i don't know what it is but, lately, i've had a small love affair with pairing cream and white together. while i am a big lover of all things to do with bright, bold colors, it can be fun to tone things down every once in awhile. but, of course i can't go without adding a small pop of color. so, i paired this outfit with a pair of green apple heels.

Monday, April 14, 2014

100 happy days

have you heard of #100happydays? it is a little challenge to find something each day that makes you happy and snap a photo of it. when i first found out about it, i thought, the idea itself didn't seem too difficult. i mean, finding happiness could be anything big or small, from a tasty cup of tea, to a spontaneous elephant ride ;) however, remembering to photograph it and email it in, did prove a little difficult. so far, i've done pretty well, granted i usually have to send in my pics in batches but, i'm pretty pleased i've stuck it out this far.
in the spirit of this challenge, i thought i would post my progress so far. (although, this is only a snippet, since i'm almost a month into it!)

if you're thinking you may want to try it out, i highly recommend it. sign up via the website above, and if you're using social media to post your pics, tag #100happydays!

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