Wednesday, July 30, 2014

not all cowboys and indians

i am always on the hunt for a new okie-themed tee to add to my wardrobe. for one, i love supporting local businesses, two, i love the creativity that goes into making a funky logo, and three, if they're the right softness and style - i practically live in them. when i first came across this one from darby & dash, i knew i had to have it. in the past, when i've met someone who wasn't from oklahoma, the first thing they would ask was "isn't it all cowboys and indians down there?" and "don't you ride around on horses and tumbleweeds?". to both questions, i would quickly say no, with the added, i had never even seen a tumbleweed! (not kidding, i saw my very first tumbleweed a few years ago and at first look, didn't know what it was) this tee seemed to be the cute but, sassy answer to those non-oklahomans ;)

Monday, July 28, 2014

a night at the drive-in

last friday, T and i got together with our friends to celebrate laun's birthday. granted, her birthday was in the beginning of the month but, with all the excitement (since they are now engaged and back from traveling) we didn't get to celebrate properly. so, we thought a night at the drive-in would be the perfect way to toast to our sweet friend. our friday night features were hercules and rise of the planet of the apes - great choices to ensure an entertaining night ahead of us. 

[loading up on snacks]

[blurry but, cute]

both features were extremely entertaining and perfect for enjoying at the drive-in together. with the side-commentary, our mid-movie entertainment break from the guys, and our mini cocktails, it was a night to remember in all the best ways. 

[movie break snapshot]

[our entertainment - classic dance moves by T and larry]

can't wait to come back again before it closes at the end of the season!

Friday, July 25, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[the chef and sous chef; a sweet cake i made for my s.i.l]

this past week, has been a hot, sticky mess. i know, it is summertime but, it would be nice to get a little breeze going every now and again. sadly, that is not the summer my sweet home state gives...but, a girl can dream right? until then, my plans this weekend are to try to keep cool with lots of ice cream runs, fun sundresses, and a tasty cocktail. 

[a crafty gift i made for my niece-to-be]

[hump day margies and guac; bright colors to spruce up a long day]

[little snippets of home]

[cucumber margies; my favorite bumper sticker to date and very true]

[mouth-watering delights in tulsa]

[morning light; a pop of color]

[midday pizza break; my mom and my little cousin lyla. so cute together]

[a fanciful fountain; i love the light at my grandparents' house]

[trying out some new products; the happiest pug you ever did see]

[bruce, the pug, had to get in on this group photo; working out at the stadium]

[a little nail pizzazz; found these two relaxing while on a walk]

[a good day for a ride; fishy decisions]

[tasty gelato combinations; a pouty and pensive pup]

[a new friend catching some shade; sunny flowers]

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

sweet peach of mine

i absolutely love peach season. it is, in my opinion, one of the best things about summer. aside from watermelon, it is the quintessential summer fruit. i love snacking on them by themselves but, when made into a crumble, cobbler, or grilled...there is nothing better! i haven't been much for peach pie since they take so much labor to make until, i came across the crostata. crostatas are, simply put, a deconstructed pie without the hassle of making two crusts. which is perfect, if you're like me, and want the pie in a hurry. this recipe is so easy to whip up, i've already made three in the past month! plus, i love the combination of sweet and tangy. trust me when i say, you will not be sorry you made this. 


personal notes for this recipe: 
don't skip using raw sugar. it may seem like it won't make a huge difference just using plain 'ole processed sugar but, it truly does. the crust is not as delicious or as visually appealing without it.

also, after trying the recipe with longer peach slices and cut-up chunks, i have to say the chunks are much better. it's easier to get good pieces of the crostata with ample amounts of goodies with the chunks than the long slices. plus, i just felt like it gelled better, if that makes sense.  

[buttery, flaky crust]

[fresh mint from our front yard]

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