Friday, May 29, 2015

sun day

the saying goes: you never truly appreciate something until it's gone. and when it comes to that big ball of light above, i completely agree. if you don't know, my home state of oklahoma has been taking a huge hit with an absurd amount of rain for the past month+. it has been leading to lots of flooding, water damage, tornadoes, and generally dangerous conditions.
as a result, T and i (and most oklahomans) have just been focused on trying to weather the storms and prepare for what may come. i had no idea how much i had been missing sunlight until we had a two day break this week from overcast. it was so refreshing to feel the warmth on my face, see an actual shadow, wear sunglasses, and stay dry when i step outside. i know it sounds weird but, i never realized how much sunlight or, lack thereof, could change how i felt. and while, we are due for another potentially long string of storms again, it was so nice to be reminded that simple things can be the best matter how basic or short-lived.

[missed seeing these late afternoon shadows]

[such a great day needs a great dessert: homemade mango sorbet]

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

life, according to my iphone

[the balance of life - yoga and daylight donuts]
did you know, all polar bears are left-handed? i just found this out not too long ago and have been dying to somehow work it into conversation. but, you'd be surprised how difficult that can be unless you're at a zoo. so, i figured i'd share with all of you :)

[happy plates; m&j's awesome vw wagon]

[past and present]

[foggy mornings; someone wants that cinnamon roll donut]

[am sweats; lunch]

[quality time with T & his granddad; burn co back home]

[funky patterns; pretty pot]

[nargle mischief; yum]

[getting excited for nick offerman; my little shadow]

[michael & brian playing in the rain; what a hunk]

[mini ornamental rug coasters]

[his & hers; a very lucky cat]

[ying & yang; fried egg + grilled cheese, a new favorite]

[shadow leggings; tasty nibbles]

[SO much rain; the cutest peeping tom]

[jade oolong; good things coming]

[i mean, how can i not give that face a treat?; brookies - half cookie, half brownie]

Friday, May 22, 2015

awesome and awkward

[his and hers dancin' shoes, or lack thereof]
[mr & mrs webb, wedding guests]
  • three day weekend...need i say more?!
  • as if i needed a new reason to love mike rowe more, somebody's gotta do it, has become a new favorite of mine.
  • guess who has been having a few breakthroughs in yoga? this girl! and while some are smaller than others, progress is progress.
  • not too long ago, T and i were walking with a friend (who also happens to be an art professor) on campus when i noticed a girl smiling at me. i mean, smiling like she knew who i was. i didn't recognize her but, didn't want to be rude, so i smiled with equal enthusiasm. her face furrowed a little before she then said, "hey professor!"...i cannot tell you how often i do that.
  • lately, i've been trying to practice yoga more in and out of the studio. so, i typically find myself and my mat in the backyard. while trying to quiet my mind and ease into my practice, i feel something fall on to my mat. followed by something furry that keeps wiggling and nudging me. finally, after trying to ignore it, i open my eyes to find solo vying for my attention. oh, and he brought fresh mud with him ;)

[the infamous bacon bomb]

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

the people's champ

[it most certainly is!]
last weekend, T and i made our way to bleugarten for a bbq food truck competition. not only are we avid barbeque lovers (how could you not be?!) but, the weather had finally cleared up...and we couldn't pass up a chance to enjoy some outdoor activities before the rains came back.

once we grabbed our drinks and tickets, we learned it was going to be a RIB competition! to say i was ecstatic is a big understatement. of all the dishes in one of my favorite food genres, ribs are at the tip top of the list. they're that good. but, enough about that and on to the competition...

[rib tickets, the best kind]


now, it goes without saying, this was a delicious competition...which only made it that much harder to choose our favorite! all, were dynamite but, our personal favorite had to be the flying pig (especially with their pineapple bbq sauce).
[cooling our toes in the shade]
and now, the crowd favorite is (drum roll)...SMOKIN' OKIES! really though, that dry rub was the stuff dreams are made of. but, congrats to all the competitors and, if you ever need a new rib taster...i'm your girl ;)   

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