Wednesday, April 29, 2015

nmf 8

[deus eyeslow]
it's that time of year again for, you guessed it, norman music festival! a weekend filled with bands, food, shops, and lots and lots of walking. thankfully, days of rain and overcast cleared up just in time for gorgeous was a great weekend to say the least.
for the weekend, we played host to our friends tom & leslie, and m&j. since they both live outside of norman, they needed a place to post up, and we were more than happy to have them over. so, before we ventured out for that night's fun, T and i whipped up some of my famous fried chicken and mac 'n cheese. it was too delicious, and the perfect jumping off point for the weekend to come.

[em and the mother superiors]

[funky-fun impromptu rave]


breakfast burrito wake-up call with a side of funny stories from the night before. delicious and hilarious. then, back out to the festival we went...

[thirst quencher]


[bruce break from the festival - necessary]
the heat started to get to us so, we walked back to the house to cool off, eat, and get ready for day two, round two!

[busy reflections]

[natalie prass]

[ra ra riot]

[blurry but, cute]

[starwasher death]

this year's personal favorites:
deus eyeslow (good rec tom & leslie!), starwasher death, dewey binns, josh sallee, and beau jennings & the tigers.
[all the carbs]

breakfast at, my personal favorite, the diner, with another recap before our guests headed back home. then, icy-hot for the legs (they were so sore), lotion to soothe my shoulders (they got a little extra rays), and a nap (for obvious reasons).  
we had such a great time as always, and loved getting to meet up with so many of our friends over the weekend. until next year norman!

Friday, April 17, 2015

new to me: pops

last weekend on our drive back from tulsa, T and i hit a bit of standstill traffic. thankfully, after looking at imaps, we re-routed to get home on the infamous route 66. it could not have been a more picturesque drive plus, the pups took full advantage of smelling all the new scents from the nearby farms. so, for the most part, uneventful, minus us being able to stay away from the traffic. that is until we ran into pops!

for those who don't know, pops, is a sweet tourist spot alongside route 66 with, you guessed it, soda pop. hundreds of soda pop to be exact. not to mention, i had heard their burgers and shakes were dynamite. so, of course, when i first heard of it, i made a mental note to check it out. but, not knowing where it was, it slipped my mind. until, we spotted the pop sculpture coming up and i woke up the pups by squealing, "oh my gosh, T, it's pops! pull over!".

[shades of green]

not only was it crazy popular but, i was completely unprepared for how many options of pop there would be! since it was T and i's first time, we went the classic route and picked up a couple varieties of root beer, and a couple of colas to take home. we did have the pups with us, so, we couldn't be too long ;)

[classic candy options]

[i love seeing rows of cycles]

can't wait to go back to try out their food and pick up a few more sodas!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

life, according to my iphone...

[midday shadows; springtime stormin' in ok]
happy hump day everyone! i've got a little pep in my step, blogwise, because i got my computer back!...sort of. my old computer officially died but, my dad was able to pull the hard drive over to my new one (thanks dad!!). so, it finally feels like things are getting back to normal which means i can now breathe a sigh of relief. phew!
have a great one!

[the boys and their favorite toy; okc exploring]

[dance snapshots; bloody mary with all the goodies]

[freshly made pesto; sunny reflections]

[easter goodies; my HK-themed basket!]

[fresh spring greenery; it certainly is!]

[post-yoga bliss; dinner al fresco]

[afternoon light; sweet gift from a friend]

[curly braid crown; fresh mojitos]

[hump day donut; the most delicious icebox cake]

[AT home; secret garden colorings]

[mason jar salads, they actually work!; can't help but spoil these two]

[soothing oolong; springtime is the best time for rose]

[occupied; nighttime cordials at my parents']

[a cocktail with a mini donut? yes please; keeping dry in a spring shower]

[saturday manis; he really, really wants that cheese]

[orange chicken; grilled delights]

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