Monday, November 24, 2014

mixed-media print

there is something to be said for a cute midi dress...super flattering and comfortable, can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and the perfect layering piece for days where the weather bounces between too warm and too cold. this one i picked up while at target shopping for something else completely unrelated (a major habit for me) and i was immediately drawn to the print. my only regret is that i didn't pick up several other shades of it while there...although T would've been a teensy bit more upset ;)  

Friday, November 21, 2014

plum ruffled

being the beach babe i am, i tend to get stuck in a rut when it comes to layering in the cooler months. but, i've been trying to make a conscious effort to mix it up a bit more. so far, i'm doing pretty good. i can't say it comes as natural to me as dressing for the warmer seasons but, i have been surprising myself with my mixing and matching. plus, i get see more of my cooler accessories that tend to hang in the back of my closet on a semi-regular basis now. win, win.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


[gorgeous fall shades] 

holiday season is in full swing and i couldn't be happier. the extra chill in the air, themed gatherings with family and friends, delicious seasonal foods and cocktails, and the promise of impromptu snow days. it's the stuff dreams are made of, at least in my book :)

[nighttime watch pup]

[daytime watch pup]

[exercising my rights!]

[hanging stadium-side for the home game]

[savory food combos]

[shades of orange]

[day of the dead themed fiesta]


[getting extra toasty]

[savoring oddly warm weather]

[the boys got serious for larry's bday]

[new favorite recipe - apple dumplings]

[friendsgiving/birthday party]

[the boys re-created a wedding photo]

[go #3]

[impromptu snow day!]

[this one got extra snuggly]

[homemade hot cocoa...yum]

[this one didn't ever want to come was pretty cute]

Monday, November 17, 2014

new to me: bleugarten

a couple of weekends back, T and i met up with my brother and his girlfriend for lunch at bleugarten. for those who do not know or haven't been, bleugarten is an outdoor food truck park seated in the heart of okc. the park itself has a full-service bar, fun yard games like life-sized jenga, darts, and corn hole, tvs to watch the various athletic teams play, fire pits to get cozy around, great seating and facilities, and best of all, is completely dog-friendly. to someone like me, it is a dream. the idea of a year-round outdoor food park is incredible in itself but, the idea to help support local small businesses in this way, is what i love most about it. 

[ran into michael and his dad while we were there]

T and i got there a little early so, we grabbed a drink and took a look around. between the delicious variety of food trucks, the apple cider mule i sipped on, and the beautiful weather, how could this day get any better? shortly after, my brother and his lady love arrived and we picked our respective foods of choice. by the way, they were all so, so good. 

[food so good, my brother had to think on it :)]

[grilled zucchini and onions...delicious]

[they most certainly do ;)]

[winston, the pug, who loves to walk on tables and give sweet kisses]

[spiked chai tea]

thanks so much for such a lovely day bleugarten, we will most certainly be back soon! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

wedding week: ceremony + reception

and here we are, the big event! strange enough, i didn't feel nervous or jittery at all. i just felt very ready to see my soon-to-be husband at the ceremony. in all the wedding planning, T early on requested we not do a first look. and while at first i didn't love the idea (mostly because i wanted to see him first just us two), the closer we got, the more excited i was that we weren't going to see each other until it was time. it felt really great to share that moment of seeing each other the first time with all of our loved ones. and, it made me really happy to give that moment to T. 

living in the age of our smartphones, T and i made the conscious decision with our ceremony that we wanted it to be unplugged. now when i say unplugged, i mean that we didn't want our guests to experience this moment through the lens of their camera. we wanted them to be connected in this moment in time with us in a very real, intimate way. as we wrote our own vows, we wanted to share them with our family and friends without the hindrance of phone distraction. amazingly, our guests were more than happy to acknowledge the request and it meant the world to us. and while, i love my cell phone and snapping photos like the rest of my generation, i also know it separates you from experiencing raw moments at times. so this meant a lot to us :)

[happiest girl in the world to walk with my dad]

[his and her vows]

[lots of tears shed by us and the guests]


[our first moments alone]

[first pose struck before all the family photos]

[introducing mr. and mrs. webb]

for our reception, we wanted to stick with older music (nothing above the 80's) as to not isolate any age groups and keep it light a fun for everyone. our amazing dj was very happy to keep to the theme and kept everyone boogieing the whole night.  

[i love this one]

[amazing toasts]

for our dance, T and i took a few dance lessons so we wouldn't look too stiff dancing to our song. and, it made it so fun for us to show off our moves to our friends! for any who are contemplating it, i would highly recommend it. T and i really got into it and may be going back to learn more soon!

[father-daughter dance aka i turn into a pile of mush]

[T's hilarious song he practiced with the guys to sing to me]

[dancing with my nephew]

hope y'all have enjoyed these peeks into our big day as much as i have enjoyed sharing them. if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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