Wednesday, August 24, 2016


last saturday, alex and i ventured out to a pilates class at sweatstock. sweatstock, for those who aren't familiar, is a day-long, free exercise festival in okc. every hour, there are different classes held, taught by instructors from studios all over the okc metro area. the classes varied from yoga to weight training to hip hop, so there is something for all exercise-enthused interests. 

since alex and i had plans the rest of the day, we decided to check out the morning lineup. plus, we both love a good pilates workout.  


[pre-class pep talk and intro]

the class was quite the workout, but showed us both where we were getting stronger and where we needed to improve. on the flipside, we spent an equal amount of time laughing at ourselves and each other, which is my favorite kind of workout, if you ask me. 

[post-workout snacks]

Monday, August 22, 2016


random fact about me: if i see an adult-sized swing set (read: any swing set as long as it isn't for very small children), i can't not play on it. i will naturally gravitate towards it, and get extremely giddy just thinking about swinging. but, because i'm an "adult" i'll try to be a little more coy about it meanwhile i'm a bouncing five year old on the inside. had i not worn these wedges while playing on the swings, i would have jumped off from a high swing...aka one of my favorite things. 


Friday, August 19, 2016


[keeping cool]

funny story...T was gifted a turkey last year and it has since been taking up way too much space in our freezer. we'd been trying to figure out what to do with it since we aren't hosting thanksgiving this season, but had come up short. then, i made a huge amount of peach ice cream last weekend - which was delicious by the way. suddenly, we had to decide between saving the ice cream or the turkey. knowing my deep-rooted love for ice cream, turkey got the boot and now we are smoking a bird this the middle of summer, for just us two, for no other reason than we needed to get rid of it. weird, right?

have a great one!

[princess bride]

[pizza ingredients]

[patio kitty]

[cookie dough flavored ice cream, stay forever]

[summertime showers]

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

here and there

[the last of our mexican wine]

i recently heard somewhere that when social media is quiet, it's because life is loud. this really resonated with me. not to say that i primarily blog when things are boring or uneventful, but that social media (i.e. blogging) gets put on the back burner when things get hectic. this next month+ will prove to be very busy on the work/life front. so, apologies in advance for the somewhat sporadic blogging schedule. but, to try to balance between the two, i thought i'd share a few photos from what i've been up to lately. enjoy!

[T's inventive dinner - yum]

[hint: don't leave]

[little surfer]

[ramen with the gang, of course]

[drinks for a friend's 30th]

[late night snacking on bobo's chicken!]

[pup cuddles]

[family dinner]

[savoring the most delicious pie]

[ground view]

[sunset viewing]

[birthday desserts]

[trial and error with parsley]

[blanching all the peaches]

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

wine down

happy hump day. let's celebrate with a glass (or two) of wine! sometimes the best way to explore your city is through a weekday gal pal date. 

[champagne and oysters, yes please]

a couple of weeks ago, i met up with my friend cat to check out wine down wednesday. the last time i'd been to o bar was for m+j's wedding. considering the occasion, i didn't get to truly experience the rooftop bar, so you can imagine my excitement to see it again. plus, any time i get to snack on quality oysters is a win in my book :)

[watching a sun storm roll through]

not only did we get to try out a delicious francia corta featured that week, but the lounge and views were stellar. it also was pretty wonderful to catch up with one of my all time favorite people. 

then, last thursday, i met up with alex for our monthly best date at the tucked-in, bicycle-friendly wine bar peloton. the staff, wine selection, and edibles were fantastic. i am not a huge beet fan, but their roasted beet skordalia absolutely blew my mind! 

alex and i then headed over to the rooftop at okc museum of art to check out their thursday art after 5. truth be told, we didn't view much art this go around, but the views, live band, and atmosphere were pretty stellar. it truly was a unique way to view the city that was new to us both. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

weekend away

have you ever had one of those weeks that gets away from you? it's not often T and i's workdays and are completely full in the office and at home, but last week proved to be one of those times. well, thankfully, things are a little less chaotic this week so we are back to your regularly scheduled blog post :)

a few weekends ago, T and i drove up to tulsa to see some of our family and friends who live in the area. here's what we were up to...

[checking out a new (to us) restaurant]

my mom and i drove out to porter to check out the peach festival. as it was the 50th anniversary of the town's festival, they decided to go for the world record for largest peach cobbler. 

[happy 50th!]

[peach slush]

the festival was hot, of course, but the peaches were more than worth it. plus, the town surpassed the past record for the cobbler by a whopping 651 lbs. 

[steak tasting at family dinner]

then, got to visit with a couple of relatives who were in from colorado while snacking on peach-themed treats. 

[jamming to our friend's band]

later that night, we met up with our friends candle (candace + daniel) to finally see daniel's band, the sex. if you are in the mood to be seriously entertained while boogieing your pants off...this is the band for you. seriously, they're so good!

[one of my favorites, ever]

[urban gardening]

our visits, while short, are always extremely fun and full. can't wait until we're back again!

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