Friday, February 26, 2016


happy friday everyone. it has been a hot minute since i've done an outfit post, but i felt it was time to bring it back. 

this saturday marks my 29th birthday, and oddly enough, i don't feel weird about it. most i know start freaking out when they get to 29, and try to cram in a last minute bucket list to finish before 30. but, i feel calm, and really good about it. 30 doesn't seem as terrifying as i used to think it was. i used to think 30 was so old, but it actually isn't. at 29, i'm feeling much more settled without feeling stuck...if that makes any sense? at the very least i feel most like myself, in all the best ways. so, here's to closing out my 20s on a high note!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


[s'mores all day, everyday]

have you ever had one of those nights (or days) where everything just fell into place? i mean moments where your original plans had changed at the very last minute, and opened up for something truly unexpected and amazing. one of those instances happened not only to T and i, but to several of our friends one weekend. coincidentally, we all had separate plans that night, but they'd been cancelled or changed for one reason or another. so, we all got together that night to hang, since we'd all planned on being out. as we are talking about how funny it was that we were together that night, one of our dear friends, brian, (who happened to be in town) called to meet up!

that then lead to a night that was pure magic. there was great food, lots of laughs, and an unreal amount of positivity and support for one another. we got to catch up, share in great news for one another, and feel some serious friend love. it was such a beautiful night that i will hold dear always, and it was all thanks to fate! pretty great and weird, huh?

[one of my favorites]

[make mine extra toasty, please!]

Monday, February 22, 2016

food in movies

hope you all had a great weekend! sadly, i didn't get to enjoy the beautiful weather since i spent it cozied up to a box of kleenex, chicken noodle soup, and my pjs...aka, i was sick. i can't say it was my favorite weekend ever, but i did get to indulge in a chick flick marathon so, it wasn't all bad. 

before i got sick though, T and i indulged in his pick for food in movies, the epic saga that is the godfather. i'd been looking forward to this one for sometime since i love italian food of any kind. plus, it is one of T's favorite films and books of all time so, this one was a biggie. however, it was pretty tricky to decide what dish to make. then, we thought of it...spaghetti and meatballs! this dish would of course be a tribute to a scene where michael learns how to make it in the midst of becoming the don. it's a small scene, but an iconic one. 

to set the mood, we played dean martin and bobby darin. plus, you can't enjoy italian food without a bottle of wine, and T went above and beyond in this area. not only did he find a grape i hadn't had (pretty tricky to do since i am a big wine lover), but it was the perfect compliment to the night.

[my furry sous chef]

[meatballs a sizzling]

[the art-like chef with his presentation]

T and i are pretty picky about spaghetti and meatballs, so we weren't expecting much. but, i am happy to say the recipe we found completely reinvigorated our faith in the dish. the meatballs were tender and flavorful with a hint of spice, and the sauce..."forget about it!". seriously...some of the best i've ever, ever had.

["some day you'll have to cook for 20 guys..."]


Monday, February 15, 2016

community heart

sometimes you come across something so cute, so creative, that you can't resist. one such occasion happened last week when i came across this image on instagram from one of my favorite local shops, the social club. it's a holiday-themed heart installation where you can buy one of five cards, enter in the intended's info, and they mail it out for you. it's pretty much a recipe for an inventive community art project, with an added dose of sweetness. 



[follow the pink arrows]

i mainly like to indulge in valentine's day via notes to our parents or friends, so this seemed to be the perfect way to do that. plus, i always love a good card pun, and these cards were perfect. 

[cute card to be...]

[all sealed and ready to go]

i sure hope our sweet intendeds loved their cards as much as i loved adding to this fun project!

Friday, February 12, 2016


[roadside winds]

happy friday everyone! here's to: celebrating my best's birthday, soaking up some sunshine, trying out a new food in movies recipe, and just enjoying the weekend. i hope you have a great one too, whether you celebrate valentine's day or not :)

[banana cream pie 'mallow]

[fresh cut and sans makeup]

[checking out an old locale with a new flair]

[my favorite soft-serve]

[whatcha lookin' at down here?]

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


[treat from my favorite local cupcake shop]

very often while out and about, i run into old friends who have either moved or we've just lost touch. and while i am thrilled to see them, i always dread the question to come: "so what have you been up to lately? or "what's new?"

now, this is not to say i dislike catching up which is far from the case. i just have a hard time with the question itself. mainly because, i never know what to say. post-college, the only note-worthy things to say are a new job, relationship status change (start or stop, engagement and marriage), children, or something completely random. for the most part, adulting, if it is going pretty well is...boring. good, but boring. once you're married, the natural jump for people is to think children are on the way. T and i are content without them for the time being, so it makes for an awkward (on my part) answer. so, what i've stuck to lately is, "nothing, just enjoying being married", which is then followed by the wow, that is so boring look. ...see what i mean? yuck. 

but, i feel i should clarify that just because it is "boring" and/or uneventful in their eyes, doesn't mean it is that way in reality. T is my very favorite person, and being married to him is the cats pajamas - everyday. even the days that aren't dynamite, are still "all that and a bag of chips" because he's there. i love just being us two married together, exploring life and all the adventures along the way. 

so, does anyone else experience this? i can't be the only one to dread and experience the boring look, right? 

[gorgeous viewpoint]

Monday, February 8, 2016


i'm not one for indulging in online lists of what to do or see since they're, for the most part, uninteresting. that is until i came across this one from food52. surprise, surprise, i love a food list. most of the items i had already done but, one in particular caught my eye -- number 19, take part in a holiday you've never celebrated before, even if it isn't from your culture. 

that's when i thought back to this post from joy the baker who whipped up the infamous king cake for mardi gras. aside from participating in the parties surrounding mardi gras in college, i've never truly gotten into the holiday itself. so it seemed the perfect holiday to partake in. enter, my attempt at baking a king cake...

[cutting the dough]

traditionally speaking, king cake is meant to be enjoyed from three kings day (january 6th) until mardi gras (february 9th). the consistency and flavor is somewhere between a babka and a cinnamon roll. basically, it's a recipe for heavenly scents wafting through your kitchen, uncontrollable drooling, and some very happy taste buds. 

[all twisted and ready to bake]

[fresh from the oven]

ta da! isn't it gorgeous? once the glaze was poured, i added the traditional green, yellow, and purple sprinkles, and it was ready to eat.  

[day after...still delicious]

laissez bon temps rouler!

Friday, February 5, 2016


[plant delivery! let's hope they make it]

sorry for the radio silence recently guys. i wish i had a good reason for it, but truth be told, nothing too major has happened over here. it's honestly been lots of little 'happenings' that were great, but weren't anything to write a whole post on. so, i of course thought i'd combine several of my favorites, and i hope you enjoy!

[sunday morning lounging]

[little guns are starting to say hello]

[my mom sent a seriously adorable gift for the pups]

[snippet of our living room rearranging]

[rose sippin']

one of my favorite moments though, was helping my best find the dress! it was found by happy accident via one of her amazing 'maids, and after trying it on...she knew it was the one. i couldn't be happier to have been there with her momma. she really is going to be the most beautiful bride, and i of course love her dearly. 

[cheers to the dress, the bride, and the mob!]

[solo creeping on the neighbors]

[boba playing sous chef]

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