Tuesday, December 31, 2013

into the new year!

it's almost the start of a new year, can you believe it? 2013 has been filled with so many great moments that i thought it would be fun to take a look into some of my favorites.

[the start of a new job with a great team]

[having a fun girly date over decorating valentines and wine]

[my surprise birthday thrown by T]

[out to the opera to enjoy the barber of seville]

[tapping into the van gogh within with my mom]

[making lots of this, just like grandma taught me]

[completing my first 5k with my dad and T]

[our sweet cottonball solo turned one]
[T and i hosted our first joint mother's day]

[i came up with a new way to use the limoncello from our bar]

[my mom and i endured the blazing heat for some of the best okie peaches around]

[finding a new love for mini donuts]

[hilarious girl time]

[bringing the scooter back in town]

 [capturing the cutest candid ever]

[laun graduating from nursing school!]

[harvesting some tasty veggies back home in tulsa]

[T surprised me at sunset by asking a very sweet question]

[we tailgated with out of town relatives]

[danced our shorts off to some amazing bands at gotr with friends]

[had a blast with the fam on beach 'ventures]

[ate to our hearts' content in beignets in that sweet nola air]

[bested the corn maize]

[brian came in town and the three amigos couldn't have been happier]

[l&a added a little fur baby to their family]

[i got to try authentic ramen and LOVED it]

[i found my wedding dress!! (laun pictured)]

[we had a fun and spooky halloween]

[enjoyed a snow day in from work - woo hoo]

[learned family recipes from my mil-to-be]

[enjoyed our first and last turkey day engaged]

[had a great time at our annual friendsgiving]

[got some pup kisses from m&j's new wrinkly pup]

[first photo of all us together]

[l&a + T&i picked out our christmas trees in a mini snow wonderland]

[T&i created a fun light installation]

[the girls and i went out to see the nutcracker]

[we hosted our annual christmas cookie party]

[caroline came in town and we all went out for pancakes]

[lots of great family time for christmas and boxing day]
thanks 2013 for being such a treat...i have a feeling 2014 will be that much better. see you all there!

Monday, December 30, 2013

a holiday recap

[hipster santa]
hope you all had a great holiday. apologies for the absence from the blogisphere, i took a little holiday break to spend extra time with family and friends. fortunately, i snapped loads of photos along our merry way so, without further ado...enjoy!

[reunited over pancakes with caroline!]

[xmas with T's family including homemade fudge...oh my gosh]

[helping T's nephew open his gifts...he's just too cute]

[boxing day with funky mini hats]

[pirate's booty for the pirate]

[festive fun]

[whipping up a delicious cake with my mom and grandma]

[our edible xmas tree]

[seeing my adorable cousins lyla (above) and landon (below)]

[a gorgeous xmas eve service]

[quality family time]

[a beautifully decorated table at my uncle's house]

[lots of man talk...mostly about beards ;)]

[how cute are my mom and grandma?]

[glowing lights with T]

[peaking at the views where we will get to say our i do's]

[my dad playing with his xmas toy]

[cheering on tulsa revolution with friends and getting to see old h.s. acquiantances]

[coming home to a couple of very happy boys]

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