Friday, July 26, 2013

millions of peaches...peaches for me...

while back home over the weekend, my mom and i drove out to the porter peach festival. my parents had been taking us since my brother and i were little and, i had missed trekking out to this sweet okie-filled festival themed around one of my favorite fruits. as great as this festival is, it is always crazy hot. with little shade or cool breezes, one must prep in advance to sweat it out...which, thankfully, everyone is, so there's little to be self-conscious about aside from drooling too much over peach-themed desserts.
here's what we were loving...

peach sundae...oh yum.

more funnel cakes than i could even dream of...

peach tea...

the bbq parfait - completely worth the wait and am already ready for another...

sweet peach orchards in all their glory...

and lastly, leaving one of the nearby orchards with as many peaches as we could think of recipes for :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

center of the universe

last friday, T and i met up with my 'rents to check out the center of the universe festival in downtown tulsa. it was great to get to walk around sampling the awesome food trucks, check out a few local bands and enjoy all the buzz of a new festival. plus, i love any event with the backdrop of my lovely hometown.

[aren't they adorable?]

however, the best of the food trucks had to be the mini donuts. i could easily snack on donuts anytime but, add some creative toppings and i am practically drooling! for my first time, i tried the cinnamon sugar which should've been called sopapillas (yum).

can't wait to try another flavor next time we see their truck!

Monday, July 22, 2013


[delicious gelato combinations]

this past weekend was so much fun. T and i just got back from tulsa, which i will post on later this week but, like always, it was packed to the brim with great food, great company and great conversation. while we catch up around the house to our (very talkative) pups, here are some of my favorites from this past month plus...

[cute liquor store pup showing us around]

[summertime colors]

[beautiful jellies under a black light]

[a very sweet breakfast with fresh flowers]

[gallery showing from 2nd friday artwalk]

Friday, July 19, 2013

mocha with cream

okay, so let's talk pudding. when i think of it, i think of grade school lunches and after school sweet snacks. if you're T, you think of getting your tonsils removed and pudding was the only thing he could stomach. either way, doesn't sound like it could possibly grow up from childhood memories. that was until i came across this recipe that completely changed my mind about keeping it off the dessert list.
using bittersweet chocolate (not too sweet) with ground espresso... oh! it is like eating a thick, cool and creamy mocha finished with a healthy dollop of whipped cream. mmm...perfect. plus, serving them in wine glasses added a fun, new light to them. 

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

scalloped and frayed

this outfit was a complete spur-of-the-moment, i took too long standing in my closet and now even the dogs are heavily sighing at how much time is passing, kind of ensemble. it wasn't until T and i were out and about that i realized i liked what i threw on. thank goodness, since you can never be too sure if a guy saying yes to an outfit is truly yes, or, please let this be the last one she asks me about/how have we done this for the sixth time?! 
also, please don't judge the water spills on my shirt. it was hot. oklahoma hot. and i can be a klutz when it comes to getting a single ice cube out of my cup without spilling on myself. i've been thinking the ice is doing it on purpose.

Friday, July 12, 2013

'round these parts

[the best breakfast burger of all time]
so far this summer has been a whirlwind blast. filled with tons to do between mini adventures with T, reconnecting with old friends and enjoying all the greats of summer. here's what we've been up to...

[T has officially become dwight with his mega desk]

[my dept has just moved into our new space.]

[lots of patio lounging]

[late night milk and cookies]

[enjoying one of our new favorites in the city]

[caipirinhas...perfect for summertime rooftop lounging]

[impromptu meeting with one of my girls from college!]

[pool parties galore]

[our perfected mint-infused simple syrup for some of the best mojitos]

[the best car ride ever]

[scoots is back!]

[snapping the cutest candid photo of all time]

[all the boys reunited while Brian was in town for the 4th]

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


[the patio of the greatest inventions around]
a couple weeks back, my friends and i were getting together for dinner and thought we would try out a local mexican restaurant, tres cantina. the thought of margaritas alone enticed us but we then learned about their patio pops - an instant hit with our group (yum). after looking over the menu, we all decided we would each get something different to share which was probably the best way to go since i ended up loving everything!


[i just love this piece]

[we can never take a photo without bursting into laughter...such goofs but, in the best kind of way.]
if you are feeling like trying mexican food that's a little out of the norm, make sure to trek out to tres. we absolutely loved it and i have a sneaking suspicion we will be back real soon.
**this is not a sponsored post**

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