Monday, August 31, 2015

the great outdoors

full disclosure: this post was intended to be uploaded last friday but, while working on the den last week, our router got disconnected so, we lost wifi. thankfully, we have it back and all is well. now, to your regularly scheduled program... 

a couple of weekends back, T and i loaded up the pups to go camping with michael + jana + their pups, and nehemiah + simone + their pup. it was our first time to bring our furry boys on a trip like this, and we couldn't wait to see their reactions. 

T and i love spending quality time outdoors. it's is one of our favorite pastimes to get away, clear our heads, and recharge from the everyday grind. i especially love camping. there's something about sleeping overnight in a tent surrounded by the sounds of crickets and locusts singing with a star-filled sky that reconnects me on a very real level.  

[gorgeous morning skies]

[coffee brewed over campfire]

[morning mimosas with evergreen views]

once we arrived, we unpacked, munched on an amazing breakfast, and the pups got to work on sniffing and marking everything in sight. by then, it was time to take a morning dip in the lake! i wish i could properly describe how ecstatic all the dogs were once they saw the water. but, suffice it to say, it was a mad stampede once they fixed their eyes on the lake. 

[chuck waiting for his bff solo to catch up]

after lots of swimming and playing, i thought i'd lay out and dry off for a bit...which i guess was exactly what all the dogs wanted to do too. so, they all piled on (or nearby) to take a nap. and while they were wet, and covered with sand, it was pretty adorable. 

[the dog whisperer]

after lunch back at the campsite, we ventured out to the lake again to catch a few more sun rays, and cool off.  

[home away from home]

then, it was up to the campsite for the evening as all the dogs were plum tuckered out. i swear, you would've thought they'd been put under a sleeping spell once we got back! they all had to be awoken for their dinner, which never happens. 

[part one of dinner, yum]

[<3 <3 <3]

as the night wore on, we enjoyed an amazing campfire dinner, hilarious conversations, great tunes, and a gorgeous transition from sunset to a clear night sky. we couldn't have been happier in those moments and went to sleep that night completely content. ...the banana s'mores cones i made may have also helped ;)

[i love campsites at night]

[boba's turn for early morning guard]

[best buds playing in bed]

aside from making a couple adjustments when sleeping in a tent with our pups (mainly, i forgot our pillows), it was much easier and less stressful than i thought. since solo is nocturnal, and boba regularly likes to make his presence known (sir barks-a-lot), we figured it would've been much noisier and chaotic. but, they slept the whole night, only to wake and swap places for who was on guard. 

[lumberjack breakfast packs + coffee]

but, like all things, it must come to an end. so, we packed everything back up, said our goodbyes to each other and headed home. one of my favorite summer memories for sure, and we already can't wait for our next camping trip. 

Monday, August 24, 2015


[sushi + trainwreck with my chicago darling]

school has officially started which means fall is just around the corner. so that means i have only a few more weeks to soak up all the summer i can. thankfully, our family beach week is just around the corner (yay!), i've nailed it with my homemade ice cream recipes, got into an epic water gun war, and we took an end of summer camping trip. but, there are one or two more things i'd like to squeeze in before it comes to a close. wish me luck!

[this shirt!!!]

[fishy decisions]

[thoughtful snail mail, my mom's the best]

[homemade tikka masala; not as good as dad's but, a close second]

[relaxing soak...i love every little detail in this house]

Friday, August 21, 2015

food in movies

have you ever watched a movie (or TV show) and have found yourself wishing you could eat the food in it? i mean scenes where they are either talking about food, making it, or enjoying it, that is so enticing you are practically drooling? the subject came up while T and i were having dinner one night and led us on a list of films that we both loved for this reason. then, T got the idea that we should try to make the food we are most wanting from each film to enjoy while watching it!  

so, our first movie, in a new series called, food in movies, is a personal favorite of mine, julie & julia. not only do i love meryl streeps portrayal of julia child but, to watch her trial and error in learning to cook is beyond darling. plus, watching her fall in love with paris reminds me of why i love it so.  

now, i know the typical pick for what to make from this movie would be julia's beef bourguinon. but, the most drool-worthy item for me was her chicken with mushrooms in cream. the set up, for julie, was a terrible day where nothing went right only to come home and make a completely delicious dish. this really stuck a cord with me because i personally love to make indulgent meals after an ick day (for T or myself). 

[heavenly sauce a cookin']

and i have to say, it was everything i'd hoped it would be...even T loved it, granted, he mashed his into a non-photogenic casserole-like dish. but, it still counts ;) 

[" was bliss" - julie]

Monday, August 17, 2015

art walk

a friday filled with local goods, cocktails, and art...what's not to love? i'd had a rough week personally so, it was just the pick me up i needed. plus, i love getting to peek in on the window installation the social club has this summer (above). how great is that? 

[new building mural is almost done!]


[meeting up with friends]

while over at stash's edo block party, we got to learn about a new local coffee bean company, bison brew. it was so great to hear how it started, the meaning behind the varietal names (local state parks), and one of the owners is a friend of T's! 

[spiked strawberry black pepper soda]

then, a quick scooter ride home feeling recharged and ready to take on the to-do's for the weekend. oh, and the brownie recipe was a huge hit!

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