Thursday, October 18, 2012

life according to my iphone..

[chicken and butternut squash stew & little solo checking out his reflection - he does that a lot]

[watching the sunset pre-football season & some new additions to our home]

[over estimating how quickly i could devour ice cream in 100+ heat..even the woman in drive-thru laughed when i took it & our sweet ying and yang pups]

[late night cookout & solo hiding behind me...he's scared of the grill :)]

[a happy papa out on the beach...i love seeing that look & sandy toes]

[lemon/lime dessert drinks my grr's whipped up & i've never been so happy seeing so much crab]

[supplies for new projects around the house & the first signs of fall]

[franken-brownies..deliciously spooky & enjoying red wine in the crisp fall air]

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