Friday, September 26, 2014


[fun color contrasts]

we are now down to a week away from the wedding and i am cannot wait! it feels like i've been slowly creeping up to the top of a rollercoaster with all the excitement and jitters building up. but, before i know it, i'll feel a huge rush of endorphins as the coaster flies down that big hill! did i mention how much i love rollercoasters?! well, i do, and this one is looking like it'll be the best one yet :)

[that pup grin is just the cutest]

[boba's duckie...apparently, he thought it looked better without the beak]

[he was rocking alex's bag]

[citrusy ice cream combos]

[a very happy japanese red maple against fluffy clouds]

i'll return to my normal blogging schedule once we are back from our sun and ocean-filled honeymoon in the middle of next month!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the in between

[hanging by the firepit with my boys]

lots of sweet mini moments had lately which i suppose is the case as we get closer and closer to our wedding day. and while i am so happy about the big day to come, these small ones have been pretty wonderful in the meantime. i hope you enjoy them too!

[hanging in bed with this cute pup]

[T's early birthday present]

[a light shower while on a walk with the pups]

[sushi to celebrate a friend's birthday]

[checking out the annual 'stache bash in okc]

[the most darling set-up]

[loaded so good]

[enjoying some great local photos and music]

[a dashing ice cream flavor]

[checking out the fair with T and l&a]

[kooky signs]

[my beefcake testing his strength]

[some adorable prizes T won for me]

[our nephew finding his inner dinosaur with his new toy we got him for his birthday]

[kid-sized playthings]

[fun blowing bubbles]

[T holding his niece for the first time]

Monday, September 22, 2014

spiked loafers

sometimes, accessories are the best way to punch up an outfit. my favorites to incorporate are jackets and shoes but, then again, scarves and bags can be fun too. as much as i love the warmer months, i get a new sense of excitement at all of the cooler options opening up in my closet again. i'm sure in a few months i'll be itching to wear less layers but, for now, i'm feeling pretty good about it. happy monday.

Friday, September 19, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[lovely florals found on a walk; solo's first peach]

this weekend has all the promise of being pretty great. T and i will be checking out the state fair, he and his nephew (who is 3 years old) will have their joint birthday party, and we will cross off more to-do's for the wedding. i am also thinking an apple crisp may be in our very near future :)
have a great one!

[bbq potato, a thing of wonder; visiting a local farm]

[a gorgeous crostada; catching the super moon]

[trying shaved ice with a co-worker; yummy gelato combinations]

[bed lounging; indecisive pizza combinations]

[colorful cds; spooning fur babes]

[good hair day; midday break with mexican coke]

[ramen for lunch; meeting my new niece!!]

[gameday with the girls; festive car load]

[hanging with my favorite pug; cool snacking and funky nails]

[giving the pups a cool snack; making something extra delicious]

[hanging poolside; impromptu lunch with T]

[sweet boys hanging]

[chicken noodle soup - always a good idea; funky lanterns]

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