Thursday, March 14, 2013


[apologies for the grainy photos in advance]
so remember how i said friday after my birthday that T was going to take me to dinner and then family would come saturday to celebrate? well, that was not the case since T put together a SURPRISE PARTY with my family, his parents and my closest friends! and while i've thrown several surprise parties for friends in the past, this was the first time i've ever had one thrown for me!

it was so wonderful to be surrounded by all the people i love most and to know that all of them went through so much trouble (including a few white lies) ...all for little 'ol me! and for the record, i never saw it coming.

then to top off the night, my mom baked my favorite cake. (yum!) it was such an amazing night and one that i will cherish forever....and i loved that T came up with such a special way to celebrate my 26th year :)

Monday, March 11, 2013


[surprise flowers...the best kind]
these past two weeks sure have flown by. between starting a new job, the amazing birthday celebration i had (post to come) and several other moments in between, i've hardly been able to keep up! now if winter would get a move on so that it could finally be spring, i'd be all set :)

[food that is almost too pretty to eat...almost]

[random snow days...i still get just as excited as i did when i was little]

[colorful sidewalk]

[funky wine labels]


Friday, March 8, 2013

lunch at the museum

a couple of weeks ago Caroline and i had been long overdue for a lunch date together and both kept coming up blank on where we wanted to go. fortunately, while sick with the flu and extremely bored, i found out about the delicious menu that is the oklahoma museum of art cafe. so we ventured up to the cafe to add a little pizazz to a seemingly gloomy saturday.

and what girly lunch is not complete without a little champagne?...

amazing food combinations..

and creme brulee. yum.

if you are looking for a lunch spot that is a little out of the ordinary, make sure to try out the museum cafe. and if you are feeling like viewing some great art, you can easily check out the rest of the exhibits after!
happy lunching!

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