Friday, May 27, 2016

owen's warriors

last saturday, we had the pleasure of supporting our friends at the cystic fibrosis walk. for those who aren't familiar, cf is a progressive, genetic disease that causes a thick, buildup of mucus in the lungs, pancreas, and other organs. unfortunately there is no cure, but with further research and funding, new treatments in care can be developed. this leading to the ultimate goal of finding a cure one day. 

some time after our friends (matt and julia) had their darling babe, they found out he had cf. the news was hard to take, but these two knew they had to pull together with the support of their family and friends to help their son. T and i didn't initially know very much about the disease, but have been learning along the way to help support our friends as best we can. 

when they told us about the upcoming great strides event, we were all too happy to come out for this family. i mean, a day to raise funds, bring awareness, and make that handsome baby boy smile? sign me up!

[wonder webbs for owen's warriors]

[happiest baby i've ever, ever seen]

[getting pumped up for the walk]

the walk itself was held in tulsa at centennial park just outside of downtown tulsa surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and greenery. thankfully, the sporadic showers cleared up for some humid, but classic spring weather. perfect for a walk if you ask me. 

[matt and julia for owen's warriors]

[team owen's warriors (above and below)]

through our efforts, our team was 3rd highest in raising funds and well surpassed our goal. and that is a really great start. here's to progress in fighting for a better future with cf and to the cutest little guy around. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

awesome and awkward

[snack time: coconut yogurt and pineapple]

  • not too long ago, my friends from work and i started a movie night. it first started as a long-running joke, but has now become our favorite way to hang. plus, the movie list we have is a great mix of sitcoms, iconic movies, and chick flicks. 
  • T and i have been exploring the world of gardening. now that i no longer have a black thumb (read: very light green), i've started my own little herb garden. so far, i have basil, green onions, sage, oregano, thyme, and lavender. and T's got quite the crop of mint (mojito, spearmint, orange, lemon, curled, spanish, and kentucky). it's been kind of awesome going out to our garden for cooking ingredients instead of getting them at the store. 
  • at last friday's art walk, i met an adorable french bulldog. if you didn't know, i have a serious soft-spot for frenchies as i just love their personalities and their boxy build. this one must have taken a liking to me too as he would try to stand closer to me than T. if he could speak, i think he'd tell T he was my new boyfriend ;)
  • there's only one this go around but, believe me, it was plenty...i was in the middle of running errands on campus, and needed to run to the restroom. i'd noticed an older man look at me funny but, didn't think anything of it and walked on in. right as i grabbed the stall door, i noticed out of the corner of my eye a set of wall dividers and urinals...and a guy at one of them! yep, i walked into the guys' restroom. realizing my mistake, i gasped and ran out - only to lock eyes with the older man i saw going in. he waited to see if or when i would realize my mistake. it was made only more awkward by the fact that i was wearing a 'get it girl' tank. happy friday!

[a proud boba after breaking out of his cone]

[bestie date with all the chips and dip]

[gag gifts]

[sangria prep]

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[best vegan cookie ever; mr wing off to get married!]

"travel doesn't exist without home...if we never return to the place we started, we would just be wandering, lost. home is a reflecting surface, a place to measure our growth and enrich us after being infused with the outside world." - josh gates

it really does feel so, so good to be home. as much as i love to travel, whether near or far, there is nothing that feels better than sleeping in our own bed. am i right? 

[burrito bowls in the making]

[can do; birthday dinner for dad]

[mimosas for the bride; photo set ups]

[all the treats]

[taco night; invite to a great day]

[roadside view; good hair day]

[one of our favorites; shrimp boil]


[a delicious surprise; mafia prep]

[salsa waiting for chips; little rock views]

[highlight stairs; lunch downtown]

[pattern decisions; midday sun break]

[fri-yay; pup party]

[sunday funday, in its various forms]

[a friendly dinner; pretty blooms]

Monday, May 16, 2016

2nd friday

last weekend marked the first weekend (in awhile) that we had no plans. we had no where we needed to be, nothing we needed to do, and it.was.glorious. to celebrate, we came out to see the 2nd friday art walk and support all things local. 

i had two items on our agenda that night - one, finally try a holey rollers donut, and two, hear our favorite local songbird.

[stash's edo market]

first thing's first, donuts. i'd heard such great reviews about this food truck, and i am happy to say it was worth the wait. T got the s'mores donut while i fell in love with the strawberry chocolate donut. it, paired with their locally-sourced lavender lemonade, was delicious. 


[the best]

then, we happened upon a candy truck. that's right, a candy truck! i didn't even know there was one, but the moment i laid eyes on it, i made a beeline for it. T was a big fan of their fresh gummy bears, and i found a new love for their merlot-flavored cotton candy. 

[colorful displays]

then, we stopped by T's friend's mini beer tasting to try out his new brew and see a few old friends... 

[muscled frenchie of my dreams]

and at last, we found ourselves seeing camille harp, and family, play. i really could listen to her sing and play the guitar all day long. it was the perfect welcome to a weekend filled with much needed rest and relaxation. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

travel bug: pit stops

it's no secret that i love a good road trip. if for no other reason than to find little gems to fall in love with in a new city. our trek to birmingham had us stretching our legs in two main cities in arkansas - little rock and forrest city. 

little rock

i do love a good burger and fries, but i tend to stick to the healthier side when on the road. knowing we'd have all the southern comfort food while in alabama, i picked a lunch spot with lighter options. i didn't know exactly what kind of vibe this place would have, but upon walking in, fell in love with it immediately. 

[new line addition]

[my baldy and a goat]

the setting was light, stylish, and fun. the food was loaded with local ingredients (including their cheeses) with so much to be desired. the combinations were refreshing without getting too complicated. bonus: probably my favorite chocolate chip cookie i've ever had...and i think it was vegan!

[great color usage]

[roadside views]

forrest city

and what good road trip could end without a little small town barbeque? it's probably my favorite way we end our treks back home. this shop was added to the list of favorite bbq spots to visit. from the mac 'n cheese with pepper to the dry rub ribs to the sweet staff, it was amazing. 

[feisty pig]

[peace, love, and pork]

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