Monday, November 30, 2015

day of thanks

[big job, means fun bando sticky notes]

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! T and i hosted our very first turkey day, and, i have to say, it went off without a hitch. surprisingly, neither of us were stressed and spent the majority of the day lounging. i know, odd right? well, once we decided to host, we (read: i) got cracking on researching menu ideas, turkey tips, general hosting ideas, etc. being the ultimate list-maker that i am, it was the perfect thing to help break down the big day. 

[setting out my serving goods, complete with labels]

[prepping the sangria]

for any who are curious, i did not make the entire meal. i knew that would be a bit too stressful so, i asked my sweet MIL and SIL to bring sides (mashed potatoes, rolls, and casserole) and desserts (apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie). T was in charge of the turkey, of course, and i took lead on stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, and an extra dessert. 

[heavenly whipped layers]

[the 'babe, did you get the photo?, i have to close it quick.' look]

[cast-iron stuffing, my new favorite]

[nephew supervising]

[MIL making the family gravy recipe]

[stuffing, flavored butter, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes]

[biggie smalls wrestling match]

the dinner was delicious, and exactly what T and i'd hoped it would be. and, as odd as this sounds, hosting turkey day was much easier than we initially thought. i'd almost dare to say it was easy but, i don't want to press my luck.

[a holiday miracle: my brother smiled!]

[dessert time]

[happy thanksgivings day from the webbs]

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

awesome and awkward

[gorgeous drive home]

  • T and i recently watched aziz ansari's netflix series, master of none. if you haven't watched it yet, make sure to add it to your is hilarious, well-written, and thought-provoking. i can't wait to see if he decides to do a second season!
  • after reading this post, and seeing this video, i've become a new fan of the milk carton kids. they are the perfect fall to winter weather soundtrack and have been on repeat in our house. plus, their banter between each other is so funny. T and i especially love joey's grammar jokes.
  • speaking of music on heavy rotation, T came across nathaniel rateliff and the night sweats. and while his favorite song, S.O.B, is a little profane, the lyrics are filled with deeper meaning and soul. they've quickly become a favorite of mine as well.
  • i can't remember how i came across it but, i have been listening to the youtube channel, ask a mortician. and i have to say, it is strangely, morbidly fascinating. as dark as the subject is, it really is very a very weird way. 
  • while at work, i was walking down the hallway in our building towards the bathroom. i didn't think there was anyone nearby so, when i turned the corner and saw a face, i yelped. to make matters worse, i even said, "oh, i'm sorry! i just got spooked by your face!". thankfully, they laughed it off, and accepted the million and one apologies i gave. i couldn't have said sorry enough. 

[banana bread, fresh out of the oven]

[hiking finds]


[the pups were unsure of my kitty costume]

Friday, November 20, 2015

the great outdoors

quintessential fall weather, balmy campfires, and gorgeous views provided the backdrop for our weekend away in the woods. after our first trip with the pups went so well, we were itching to get back out again! originally, we were set to meet back up with m+j in october but, plans had changed and it needed to be moved to november. and the timing couldn't have been more perfect...warm, sunny days followed by chilly nights with bouts of overcast aka idyllic cool weather camping. 

[such a happy boy]

[best buds reunited]

as our campsite was on lake watonga, it gave the pups just the inspiration to make every game end with a run into the water. i'd like to say i was surprised but, it goes with the territory of having water dogs. plus, i love seeing how thrilled they become when they see water they can swim in. 

[morning mimosas]

[bruce, our resident dinosaur]

after we got settled, we thought it was high time we hiked a couple of nearby trails and explore a bit. 

[my 'lone wolf' pup leading the way]

[conquerors of the ridge, right before they nearly slid into a cactus]

once we got to the other side of the lake, we found a little nook to sit down, hydrate, and have lunch. 

[our lunch view]

[jana, looking for pretty florals on our hike]

["come on, come on!" - boba and solo]

[at the top of inspiration point]

[sunset-painted ridges]

the hike, while long, led us to more and more beautiful views at every turn. every time we thought we'd seen the best view, our trail led us to another one. it was such a treat, and the pups really loved going off the beaten path with us. oh, and for any who are curious, bruce did not join us on the hike. he was back at the campsite enjoying a long nap :) 

[our trail bouquet, gorgeous right?]

once we made it back to camp, we got comfy, built a fire, and made dinner...


the night was spent making s'mores, keeping warm by the fire, listening to the ou v. baylor game (boomer sooner!), drinking wine, and stargazing. i am always amazed how many stars we see outside of city limits. and we actually see quite a bit where we live but, nothing compared to what we see out in nature.

[good morning indeed!]

[boba asking bruce about being a dinosaur...or how he can get on people's laps too]

the next morning, we woke up to chuck, the boxer, asking if our boys could come out and play. as much as T and i wanted to keep cozy in our tent, we couldn't help but, oblige sweet chuck. the pups really do love being altogether any chance they get.

[campfire breakfast bowls; they may not look it but, taste so, so good]

[pup magnet]

once we finished breakfast, we packed up, said our goodbyes and headed home. ready to take a hot shower, start a load of laundry (that campfire scent gets everywhere!), and close out the week on a high note.  

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