Monday, April 30, 2012

over the weekend part 1

over the weekend we had a little local music festival take over! T and i biked up the way since all the out of towners make it impossibly difficult to get around without taking triple the time. plus i love the excuse to trek around out in the open :)

while there, we saw loads of fun things and met up with friends...saw a new way to do a juggling act (to techno music)...fairies walking about....

a sweet weimaraner showed us his mom's homemade treat shop and T discovered a new love for fedoras...

the wandering madman was surprisingly not so mad....but a great multi-tasker with his many instruments!

all of the local artists had loads of wonderful crafts and paintings to sway even the strongest of hearts (or not so strong, like mine). i am a pretty big sucker for unique jewels and quirky accents.

happy monday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

me + the pup

the pup and i walk on the same path through our neighborhood every week but the other day it was as if we had traveled to some beautiful secret garden. sweet peonies and roses in bloom, low hanging vines drooping from the trees and butterfly-friendly floral bushes...and did i mention that the butterflies have invaded? it was such a great sight to see and, if you stayed still long enough, the butterflies landed on you!

clearly, boba was not amused in the slightest with the butterflies. anytime i tried to stop to make friends with the butterflies he would turn back as if to say "aw, mom! again? those fluttery things aren't that fun. come on, i think i smell more stuff!"

i am hoping the butterflies will stick around a little longer, it definitely makes our walks so much prettier. happy weekend!

Monday, April 23, 2012

i love....

[waking up to our blooming roses every morning]

[peeking in on baseball practice...makes me look forward to summertime baseball games]

[pancake saturdays..T happens to make the best cinnamon 'cakes. ever.]

[the festival of azaleas in tulsa]

[late night sundaes]

[watching the pup oversee T doing manly things]

Friday, April 20, 2012

crooked pizza

after what was a great but long week, T and i needed something to recharge our batteries. fortunately there has been a new pizza place to arrive on campus corner so we decided to finally check it out. crooked crust has a twist take on your standard pizza with unlimited toppings (WHAT!) and yummy combinations. T and i had the white pizza which is an olive oil based crust with ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. we took advantage of the unlimited toppings and added on some spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. since the owner was so excited about the homemade breadsticks we decided to try them out and man, they did not disappoint!

after our pizza, T and i strolled on home to enjoy the cooler spring weather and relax. i am secretly hoping to have a lazy weekend filled with sleeping in, movies, and the occassional walk with the pup to stretch my legs :)

happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

learning to swim

yesterday while the pup and i were out on a walk with caroline, boba made some new friends! they were two german shepards however the youngest hadn't acquired his love for all things water....yet. the dog's owner was telling us about how he has been trying to get the young pup more comfortable by trying to get him to play in the fountain.

 boba must've known what the owner was saying because not a minute had past before he stood next to the young one, looked down and hoped in waiting for him to join.

it took a little coaxing but the young shepard jumped in to meet boba in the middle. after a few more tries, he finally got in all on his own...boba was so excited he came up to sniff him and they continued playing! i thought it was so cute to watch it all happen especially since boba isn't typically thrilled around younger dogs. (they're cute competition for treats and attention. so he of course must pout about it until they are gone) makes me think when we bring in another puppy he will be a great big brother teaching him all his tricks including puppy eyes, pouting, swimming and occasionally stealing a banana :)

happy hump day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

over the weekend

over the weekend norman was hit with a few tornadoes. friday's tornado left a huge patch of uprooted trees, destroyed buildings and power outages. fortunately T and i were at work when it hit and were as safe as could be (the pup was too since the tornado was on the opposite side of town). having been overjoyed with the fact our house wasn't damaged and the pup was happily sleeping, T and i went out for drinks to celebrate!

however, we weren't in the clear yet. saturday/sunday was predicted to be the worst of the storm to pass through so we kept our eyes on the eerie skies..

readied our candles in case the power went out....

practiced getting into our safe room (aka coat closet) with the pup in case the tornado came in the night...btw T is really a maverick at making a coat closet become comfy and inviting. as bizarre as that sounds. but nonetheless a great quality.

T made his amazing spaghetti sauce...

we had one of my guilty pleasures and watched a murder mystery to add to the spookiness of the weather. fortunately the worst part of saturday/sunday's storms didn't deliver which was a huge relief. as a native oklahoman i am used to being weary of tornadoes and occassionaly taking shelter however, it is not my favorite thing to do. especially when your 95 lb. pup feels that panting in your face and sitting on your chest in a hall closet is the only way he can feel less nervous when taking cover :)

of course all the commotion of the storms left the pup utterly exhausted. as it should. so he has spent the remainder of today catching up on his sleep.

hoping you had a less stressful weekend (as far as weather is concerned)!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

our sweet home

today the pup and i were on our way back from our walk when i noticed the smile creeping across my face as we turned down our street. it was right then that i noticed all the things i love about it like the forest of trees ahead....(side note, don't pay attention to the port-o-potty ahead. our neighbor is renovating and it will soon be gone!)

and how aside from a few, most of the trees here are tall, elder trees that look as if you couldn't make them budge even if you wished it. (if you couldn't tell yet, i am a bit of a tree lover)

but most importantly i love this house ahead. i get so excited to come to this home surrounded by tall trees, tangled vines and rose bushes. the pup even gets excited too..probably because he knows he gets a treat ;)

aside from my home i grew up in, i love everything about this house. but most importantly, even though we don't technically own it, that it is ours and we've made it our own together. me, T and the pup.

hoping your week has been lovely and you are loving your home too :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

life according to my iphone

[sneaking out with T during the workday to enjoy a little sun and the art show]

[spring shades and the first trees to bloom]

[a little outside picnic for lunch and five guys...yum]

[celebrating my bday with loads of sushi and drinks with my sweet friends and T]


[tower of glasswork and our blooming roses :)]

[pranking caroline. my new favorite past-time ;) lunch at cool greens]

[the pup's new favorite place to take a nap and a photo of my cousin and i goofing around]

[our new sprout pine trees to be planted soon and my pretty puppy]

[easter egg hunting and T whipping up easter lunch side dishes]

[easter treats i made for celebrating with T's family]

[i just had to share this photo of the cake i made above. beyond amazing and mixing/matching nailpolish colors]

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