Friday, April 26, 2013

life, according to my iphone

[out to the opera with T. whipping up a batch of fried chicken my grandma would be proud of]

[watching a spring storm roll through]

[brightly colored nails. an afternoon run to a great sunset]

[birthday celebration with the girls]

[neopolitan dessert. the aftermath of an amazing dinner]

[mulled wine at a family dinner for my dad's birthday]

[lebanese bbq. what remains of the "indestructable" toy]

[T pondering his coffee future. one happy pup and one lazy lab tongue]

[getting their pant on. fiesta goodies]

[spring showers. a new craft project]

[a spicy gift for a cool dad. the teensy strawberry that could]

[iron and wine concert on a great spring night, yes please]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the 1st year

yesterday marked our white-furball-of-a-pup solo's birthday! i can't believe he is already a year old since it feels like it wasn't that long ago he fit in my hand...insert happy-sad mama pup sigh. he sure has added so much to our little family as well as being boba's partner in crime. so, in honor of his first year, i thought i would share photos of him from this past year. enjoy!

happy 1st (or 7th) solo!

Monday, April 22, 2013

to the ballet

a couple weeks ago, my friends and i thought it would be fun to get together and see swan lake. it is such an amazing ballet to see and i love any excuse to get dolled up with the girls.

swan lake was unbelievably beautiful and we were all in such awe of the talented ballet dancers as well as the okc philharmonic accompaning. should you ever have a chance to see it, please do. it is such a memorable work of art and completely worth it.

later, we ventured outside of downtown to get a late night bite and a few cocktails. it was such a great time and i can't wait for our next venture altogether.

Friday, April 19, 2013

creme pie

did you ever have an oatmeal creme pie when you were little? my only experience with them were the little debbie's version and they were one of my favorite treats! now that i'm older, i thought i would try out making them to see if it was that much different. after finding this recipe, i can tell you it is so worth it!! between the toasted oatmeal and cinnamon flavor of the cookie to the heavenly filling...yum. this one is a keeper for sure.

just trust me on this one guys. make it and it will change your life! (just kidding, but it you will still love it all the same)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


[late night sushi. as if i needed an excuse to stay up]

[brewing a new infused tequila]

[birthday balloons]

[accidentally being matchy-match]

[my boys]

[springtime patio lounging]

Monday, April 15, 2013


have you ever thought about what makes you happy? i mean, truly happy? not too long ago, i got to see the happy documentary and it really made me give it some serious thought. the documentary, if you haven't seen it, follows several people in different cultures, countries, etc to see what makes them happy. it was really interesting to see that across the board, people have the same ideas about what makes them feel good about who they are. funny how that works isn't it? how a man in india living in the slums has the same ideas about what makes him happy as a businessperson in tokyo or an elderly woman in the states.

it completely opened my eyes to what we share as people and made me think about what makes me i thought i would share...

connecting with your community - T and i like to donate food, clothes or various items to big brothers big sisters, participate in causes within our area and supporting the local guys.

keeping relationships with people you care about - spending time with family whether it be for holidays, birthdays, vacations or just because, hands down puts a smile on my face. getting out and about to explore new things with T or the pups or sometimes, getting together with friends is the best boost to help recharge and reconnect.

taking care of oneself - i recently started running outside as a way to kick up my exercise routine and i've noticed how much better i feel afterwards. plus it is such a great way to see the changing flowers and trees. if i can start to work on decluttering our kitchen.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a twist on the original

it's strawberry time, have you heard? i couldn't resist picking up a container or two this past week since they smelled sooooo good. is it possible to be hypnotized by the scent of fruit? i swear, i could hardly finish grocery shopping before my thoughts were swimming with 'berry recipes! once i brought them home, i thought i would try my hand at this strawberry shortcake recipe. and between it, the yummy 'berries, and the fresh whipped cream i threw together, it sure did hit the spot.

best part about it was that even T liked it..which if you don't know, finding a treat that he likes (and not just taking a bite to be polite) is crazy hard to do. i predict there may be more shortcakes in our near future...

happy hump day!

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