Thursday, September 27, 2012

here comes the sun

i just love that song, don't you? it's what instantly plays in my head when i look through these photos. this first photo i especially love because if you look close, you can see my mom and grandma running off to the beach together :)

happy 50th momma! how cute does she look in this snapshot?? one of my instant favorites the moment i took it.

many of our days were spent on the beach or swimming in the warm gulf water...lovely. however, one of our first full days in destin, my grandparents took us to their favorite breakfast nook which happened to be in full view of the fishing dock. which was perfect for me because i don't like to be too far from the water if i don't have to ;)

[my mom, attempting to push me further into the sandbar so she could look taller]
i've never been much of a cold vacationing kind of gal. nope, not me. while i love fall and winter, when it comes to getting away, i prefer warmer, sandier locales. so a week on the beach with my family? pure bliss.

with these beautiful sun-filled days..

crystal-clear waters..

and little sandbars - perfect for a mid-swim rest to fly a kite. more to come and hope you like it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

we're back!

sorry for the week+ gap in postings! T and i just got back yesterday from a week long holiday with the family and, in a few words, it was pure, sun-filled bliss. while we are getting settled back in to the swing of things, celebrating T's birthday with his family and, giving a heavy dose of ear rubs to a couple of very happy pups, i thought i would at least give a little photo snippet into what we did :)
first, there was a lot of time spent in the beautifully warm, white sand...

we investigated a few local treasures in all their deliciousness..

seized the opportunity to match in colorful shades to make for cute candid photo ops...

T, in several efforts to impress me (he made sure to ask each time how impressed i was :)), either dug lots of holes in the sand or took the opportunity to use me as his sand-mermaid model..

re-living and loving the kid within, we built several sandcastles which we named sand city (little ones nearby us were very impressed)..

spent lots of family time on the beach or in the water (i loved every minute of it)...

T and i stole lots of beachy kisses :)

and we marveled daily at the gorgeous sunsets and moonlit skies.

more details to come but until then, happy monday!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

the end of summer

the end of summer is here. does that sound sad to anyone else? it always seems a little sad to me since it usually signals our longer sun-filled days to come to a close. i am secretly holding onto it just a little longer before i have to break out my sweaters and boots which, don't get me wrong, i love that part of fall :) part of what helps me savor these last fleeting days of summer is this summery dessert. super easy to throw together, light, sweet and all things that are summer. yum!

so if you are feeling like you want a little summer before it's gone, here's what you'll need:

angel food cake
mixed berries (i used blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries)
half and half

first thing, scoop out how much berry mix you would like to have into a medium-sized bowl. sprinkle a spoonful (or two) of sugar on top and mix well. set aside for 5-10 minutes or until you can't see the sugar granules anymore.

next, cut a slice of angel food cake and place in a small bowl. scoop out your sugary berry mix over the cake.

lastly, drizzle a tablespoon or two of half 'n half over the mixture and enjoy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

i love...(a catch-up version)

[this owl charm on my newly growing charm bracelet]
have you ever savored little moments of silence? things at work have been overly chaotic for the past month plus with yesterday feeling as if it would never end. yesterday, towards the end of the day, my desk still had piles of papers to input in, last minute problems popping up left and right and me feeling like i didn't know where it would end. and then suddenly, 5 minutes until time to go, the phones stopped ringing, problems got resolved (finally), and instead of attempting to stress over the heaping paperwork remaining, i savored the silence. delicious enough as it was.
at least today has the promise of leading to the weekend! which brings me to my other note - i, being so overun with work craziness, completely forgot to post my favorites from the past month. so, to make up for it, i am doubling up my post today! happy friday!

[the fish market in my grocery!]

[goofy snapshots of boba like this one]

[post-workout berry-filled smoothies]

[solo's cute maneuver of sitting on our feet. i'm pretty glad he hasn't grown out of this just yet]

[summer drinks with my family...gets me excited for our upcoming beach trip]

[this light summer dessert introduced to me by our friend brian. i've been hooked ever since!]

[summertime fruits in festively decorated bowls]

[butterscotch chip cookies]

[my mom's homemade key lime pie - none have come close to its taste and consistency]

[this beautiful homemade crust courtesy of my mom's culinary skills]

[these mommy-daughter bracelets i got for my my mom's birthday. when they're put together, they reveal a sweet message.]

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

vintage finds: seeing spots

i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! T and i kept it low-key around our neck of the woods (post coming soon) with movies, tailgating for the away game and some new additions to our house via furniture and decor.

this outfit i actually threw together by accident while getting ready for work. i was running super behind and didn't think much of it, until i kept getting notes from my co-workers, who thought i had spent so much time on this. ha! if you only knew ;)

while this outfit is only one color, i do love the textures and patterns which add class and funk. my two favorites. plus, i am a die-hard for any jacket that has a great pattern on the inside :)

happy tuesday!


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