Wednesday, September 30, 2015

awesome and awkward

[patio drinks]

  • i recently watched the documentary jiro dreams of sushi. not only was it fascinating to hear how he found his love for sushi as well as his craft but, the following quotes really stuck with me: "in order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food...without good taste, you can't make good food...if your sense of taste is lower than that of the customer, how will you impress them?"
  • as a sweet treat for our house sitter, i made strawberry ice cream. by some miracle, there was still some left so, i got to try it. turns out, homemade strawberry ice cream is a one of my favorite flavors! funny thing, is that before making it from scratch, i couldn't stand the taste of store-bought strawberry ice cream. 
  • T and i have started watching the wire and love it (yes, i know we are way behind and people still can't stop talking about it). 

  • during hot yoga, the instructor was guiding our class through an intense stretch. at one point she stated we needed to activate a particular muscle in order to do it correctly. as she looked around the room, her eyes locked on my face which must have looked like i was deep in thought (read: confused). she immediately lost her train of thought and started laughing uncontrollably. by time everyone else turned to see what she was laughing at, my face changed to like a deer in headlights. note to self: try to not convey thoughts too easily on my face. 
  • at an event, i noticed a woman looking at me and smiling. she vaguely looked like someone i had met so, when she waved, i waved back...and not the small wave. we are talking, hey you over there, kind of wave. her face dropped and the person she was really waving to stepped out from behind me. they both made a face at each other, then looked back at me, and walked away.  

[old cookbook notes]

[salad to take to a family dinner]

Monday, September 28, 2015

street art

for as long as i can remember, i have had a big-time love of street art, in any and all forms...from sculptures to graffiti to murals to light installations. it is so much more uninhibited and raw, almost as if you were getting an uncensored viewing of the artists' creative process. after several new pieces sprung up around okc, i decided it was high time i saw them in person. so, on the most recent trek my 'rents made to see us, i sweet-talked my mom to coming with me.

cultivation by jason pawley

by far one of the most unique pieces i've come across. this one kept us on our toes since it completely changed based on what side of the street you were on, the amount of daylight in each spot, as well as the contrast of colors. it was nothing short of stunning and turns this underpass into a local gem.

[my favorite wall]

terra by orly genger

this one i'd been so anxious to see as it reminded me of red vines. i was so surprised to find it was lobster fishing ropes tied together and painted. how great is that? plus, it made for a great backdrop for a friend's engagement photos :)

braid by kris kanaly, yatika starr fields, and dylan bradway

a collaboration that brought new life to 9th street as well as the building itself. weaving all three artists' styles together made for a piece that was not only eye-catching but, the perfect addition to the area.  

the womb art gallery

provacative, fun, and a feast for the eyes. in one train of thought my mom stated how much she loved the colors and then asked if there was sperm swimming out of that eye (above). i loved it, absolutely loved it.

[just melting away]

[oddly specific]

Friday, September 25, 2015

beach-bound vacation

a week filled with salt air blowing through my hair, sunshine on my face, white sand between my toes, and ocean water filling my spirit with glee. there are few things that compare to my love for the sand and sea. so, i of course returned with several snapshots to recap our gorgeous time away...have a great weekend!

[beach-side home base]

[kitschy tropical patterns] 

[daily shell catches]

[T & i's turn to make dindin]

[T catching a good wave to ride in]

[me and my merman]

[dad's sandcastles]

[grandpa's infamous salsa...yum]

[sunset harbor walks]

[catching a little sun]

[brotherly love in the form of a stank face]


[pineapple, so good]

[am beach yoga]

[crystal clear waters]

[T's birthday]


[shrimp boil]

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

autumn equinox

happy first official day of fall! even though it has only just started to cool down, it is all i need to get excited for my second favorite season. i mean, what's not to love? chilly tailgates, pumpkin carving, spiked cider, crockpot recipes galore, chunky, of course i made a list of all the things i want to make sure to squeeze in. 
  • whip up this and this 
  • take a drive with T and the pups to see the changing leaves
  • cozy up by the fire on cooler nights
  • have a b-rate horror movie marathon (T and i's annual halloween tradition)
  • make another go at the corn maze
  • pop out for another camping weekend with friends
  • freshen up my nails with this rose gold-copper shade
  • celebrate T and i's first year married :)
what's on your fall to-do list?

Monday, September 21, 2015


[pebbled shorelines]

sorry for the week-long radio silence guys. T and i just got back from spending the week on the beach with the family...and while i love those ocean waves something fierce, it feels pretty great to be back home with our pups. plus, the weather has started to cool off just enough to leave our windows open which means, fall is on its way. 

[mozzarella and shaved asparagus pizza + a bold wine]

[starting my niece's love for hello kitty early]

[new candle testing]

[last berry crostada of the season]

[campsite at night, my favorite]

Friday, September 11, 2015

life, according to my iphone

[husband is such a hunk; pouty pup]

it's crazy how time flies. this time last year, T and i were busy working on wedding to-dos, buying our first home, and saying goodbye to two furry family members. there was so much to be excited for but, i really struggled with my loss. bear was first, and soon followed by sadie...and while i did tell others when bear was gone, i didn't tell any when sadie left too. with bear, we knew it was coming so, while it was hard, there was time to come to terms with what was to come. sadie, on the other hand, was healthy but, lost without her brother. and so, she soon left too. with her, the loss was deafening. but, such great things were happening and so, i kept it to myself since i didn't know what to do. it was so difficult to juggle the two halves of my heart at the same time. but, in the end, that is life. good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad, it's a balance. and, since that time, i've learned it's okay. life isn't all good all the time or all bad all the time. it intermingles, constantly. so, as hard as it was for me internally, maybe it being sandwiched between all of this good helped keep me from wallowing. it helped me keep finding my smile, and to focus on the beautiful memories i had with my two pups.


[sadie (above) and bear (below); miss them every single day]

[need a foot?; highlighter shades]

[sunset music listening; weeknight family dinner]

[hitting our PR' happy and so proud; pool snacks]

[twinkle lights]

[all the peaches; downtown walks]

[happy hour drinks]

[pool party babes]

[brunch game strong; cloud atlas]

[picking up a gift for a loved one; #yeswayrose]

[pioneer woman recipes]

[morning lounging; playmates]

[food prep]

[solo being extra sweet on T]

[early bday gift to T; garden gifts from my mom]

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