Wednesday, February 25, 2015

awesome and awkward

[day one for itty bitty adelaide]


  • several months back, my aunt found the above photo in storage...the only surviving baby photo left of me. a photo my mom and i instantly teared up upon seeing, since we thought it no longer existed after a flood destroyed all others. a very long, and unpleasant almost 48 hours of labor later, and my mom's long string bean of an baby girl came out. instant love. 
  • T and i are finally past that nasty sinus virus that was going around. being sick at the same time as the other = no fun at all. 
  • new shows T and i have gotten really into lately: backstrom, and man seeking woman 


  • not too long ago, T and i tried out couples yoga with friends. what we thought would be an slow-paced, slightly easy yoga class together became a lightning round of intermediate-level hot yoga. ...i wish i could say that the guys out sweated me but, that'd be a lie. 
  • on a day i was feeling not too hot (back at work after being sick), a co-worker came in to see if i was better and upon seeing my still congested face, immediately said, "oh, nevermind. i can see you're still looking pretty rough." 

Monday, February 23, 2015

new to me: stinchcomb wildlife refuge

a couple of weekends back, T and i decided to check out a nearby hiking spot with the pups. although T is a native to okc, he had never been to stinchcomb wildlife refuge in bethany (a neighboring small town). i, of course, jumped at the chance to explore a place new to the both of us...and so, on we went!

granted, it is the dead of winter and the scenery wasn't in full bloom, but, it was still gorgeous. not only was the weather unusually warm but, the trees, greenery, and wildlife, were absolutely sublime. and the pups couldn't have been happier to run around marking trees, chasing each other, and just being dogs. 

[happy boys]

[solo tried to mark every tree he could]

[me and my chaco-mate]

unbeknownst to us, our hike led us alongside a quiet river that begged for the boys to jump in. although it was too cold for us to join them, we found an area that was perfect for them to play in. 

several rounds of catch, lots of drinking mid-swim, and solo meeting his first pup really was the best day. 

on our way home, T took me to tim's to have burgers and, hands down the best dr. pepper i've ever had. i don't know how they do it but, i am a huge fan and cannot wait to go back!

[sleepy, wet pups on the drive home]

Friday, February 13, 2015

sweethearts and chocolate

[locally made ravioli - so, so good]

like most, i find valentine's day to be pretty adorable. all of the cutesy hearts, everything dripping with reds and pinks, the delicious candies...what's not to like? but, as far as celebrating or partaking in it as an adult, i take a pass. T and i aren't much for doing the big plans out and, instead, keep things small and simple. we do sometimes exchange sweet little nothings to each other but, nothing larger than our random b.i.l.y (because i love you) gifts. 

highlighting our feelings for one another, or, for others we care for, isn't limited to a holiday. so, this saturday, our plans consist of enjoying some yummy wine, cooking dinner together, and hanging in. because, at the end of the day, life is more about spending quality time with those you love more than just once a year. 
happy love day; today and every day!

[a sweet dinner w/T]

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

black and white

for no reason at all, when i want to feel a little edgier, i look to mixing black and white. in a way, it makes a little sense since i pretty much stick to bright colors as my daily go-to. but, i couldn't go without at least a little, i chose a bold red lip and, just because valentine's is close, a fun, hot pink hair clip to finish the look. what's your go-to when you want to feel a little edgy? 

Friday, February 6, 2015


[pineapple, coconut white chocolate = heaven]

i know i am way behind but, have finally finished the tv show fringe. yes, i know, i am super behind but, have you ever found yourself happy and sad at the finale? happy at how things worked out but, then, sad that it's over? i couldn't even say much after because i felt so conflicted! i get so caught up in the story line that once it's done, i'm left feeling, "well, now what?". so, i'm now left in the lull of finding a new sci-fi show to get into...wish me luck!

[my first big crush, david bowie in labyrinth]

[brussel sprouts, yum]

[cannot wait for these two dates]

[dinner prep]

[welcome 'homa mat]

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


i don't know if you are like me but, i love when good things happen to those i love. it's like my heart grows even larger and, i've been known (by T) to tear up on occasion. one of those occasions happened not too long ago when my darling best, laun, and her 'maids (plus her m.i.l to be) got together. it was the first time we all got to meet and celebrate someone who means so very very much to us. 

between the girlish giggles, singing along to t.swift's 1989, the ooh's and aah's of excitement as we worked on a new wedding to-do, it was a really really great day. 

['maids couch party!]

i cannot wait for your big day, sweet girl!

Monday, February 2, 2015

volcano sushi

so, you may or may not know my love for mom 'n pop shops. not only do i love to support local but, more often than not, i've found them to be true gems. quality service, atmosphere, and great food...without the major crowds. last weekend, T and i found a new one, and trust me when i say, it is too too good! 

[a delicious appetizer, compliments of the sushi chef]

T and i are die-hard sushi fans and absolutely love to sit at the bar to watch the sushi chefs. but this, was truly a treat...the artistry, precision, and grace was a feast for the eyes. not to mention their knack for flavor combinations!

[seriously good]

[our banana boat with chocolate and green tea ice cream]

should you ever be in the area, make sure to try them out. we cannot recommend them enough! (T and i are already trying to plan our next trip out :))

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