Tuesday, November 20, 2012

vintage finds: black and white

can you be too stripe-y? after finding this comfy, cozy sweater last week, i felt like the perfect thing to wear it with was a lost striped skirt tucked deep in my closet. you know, so far back that you've forgotten it was there and it's like you've re-bought it all over again? (which while i'm thinking about it, i really need to go through my closet again) i can't be the only one who does that right? ;)

i loved the stripes but felt like it needed something that pulled the whole look together. so, i added a thin green-blue belt and simple leopard flats. which, for the record, i'm not the world's biggest fan of animal prints but, these flats are the perfect amount without being too wild (it's a very fine line in my book).


happy almost turkey day! (can't wait!)


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