Friday, March 4, 2016


[lunch break]

do y'all take movie reviews to heart? or do you mainly view them as just a nuisance? i typically don't pay much attention to them unless it's about a movie i am on the fence with seeing it in theaters. my main reason for bringing this up was for curiosity's sake...and, i recently got into a hilarious debate with a coworker on the subject. she'd recommended two movies that i'd heard horrible reviews about which lead to a lot of great facial expressions. and while i'm still on the fence to check out her picks, it did make me stop and think how important (or not important) those reviews were to me. 

i'd love to hear your thoughts!

[cutest sooner-to-be]

[window shopping w/my best]

[weeknight dinner with one of our favorites]

[oyster excitement]

[last bit of sunset glow]

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