Wednesday, July 29, 2015

sunday dinner

for several months now, T, my brother, and myself have been getting together every sunday for family dinner. it first started out as a little GoT watch party and has kept going ever since. after reading this post not too long ago, i thought i'd switch things up for our family dinner with a shrimp boil! 

honestly, it was so much easier, and even more delicious than i'd imagined. unfortunately, my brother couldn't make it but, m&j made for great guinea pigs. :)

[that little bundle = all the good flavors]


[to add an extra kick]

[the aftermath]

and what shrimp boil would be complete without peach cobbler? my mom was sweet enough to bring me a 1/2 bushel of peaches on her last visit so, i of course had to include them. oh, and i made homemade mexican vanilla ice cream...the combination was divine. 

[not the prettiest cobbler but, so delicious]

[full, happy bellies and ready to start the week!]

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