Thursday, January 24, 2013

the new year

[sorry for the gap in posts everyone! i came down with the flu a couple of weeks ago and it took me out. and while i never thought it was that big of a deal, since i never had it before, my views have totally changed. it was, in a word and not so shockingly, awful. now that i am back to feeling better, i'll be resuming my post schedule like normal! yay! so stay tuned in now for the post i meant to write shortly after nye.]

after new years eve, the thing on everyone's minds are resolutions for the coming year. truth be told, i've never been much for them. i can never think of what i would want to commit the whole year to as a goal, and in the end, it always feels like it's unrealistic. usually you don't actually fulfill whatever you set out to do and then feel serious guilt over it. this just didn't feel like the way i wanted to celebrate a brand new year of change. so instead, i thought i would try something different and make a little list of things i'd like to do in the new year...

read more often.
less tv time during the week.
enjoy cocktail hour.
paint funky colors on my nails.
train up to do a fun run...color me rad, may 11th, here we come!
explore more local treasures.
remember to take a deep breath when stressed and give myself a break.
take time to explore my creative outlets.
check out more live music.
host dinner parties with friends.
take more trips.
drink more tea and enjoy more baked goods. mmm!

here's to enjoying the next year!

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