Monday, May 16, 2016

2nd friday

last weekend marked the first weekend (in awhile) that we had no plans. we had no where we needed to be, nothing we needed to do, and it.was.glorious. to celebrate, we came out to see the 2nd friday art walk and support all things local. 

i had two items on our agenda that night - one, finally try a holey rollers donut, and two, hear our favorite local songbird.

[stash's edo market]

first thing's first, donuts. i'd heard such great reviews about this food truck, and i am happy to say it was worth the wait. T got the s'mores donut while i fell in love with the strawberry chocolate donut. it, paired with their locally-sourced lavender lemonade, was delicious. 


[the best]

then, we happened upon a candy truck. that's right, a candy truck! i didn't even know there was one, but the moment i laid eyes on it, i made a beeline for it. T was a big fan of their fresh gummy bears, and i found a new love for their merlot-flavored cotton candy. 

[colorful displays]

then, we stopped by T's friend's mini beer tasting to try out his new brew and see a few old friends... 

[muscled frenchie of my dreams]

and at last, we found ourselves seeing camille harp, and family, play. i really could listen to her sing and play the guitar all day long. it was the perfect welcome to a weekend filled with much needed rest and relaxation. 

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