Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the quest

ever since i was little, i have wished i liked hotdogs. now, i know that sounds strange but, every year, summer would come around and it was the thing to eat. at pretty much everything! bbqs, birthday parties, festivals, you name it. i would enviously watch my friends enjoying their grilled-up summer treat wishing i could eat them. to clarify, i couldn't eat hotdogs because of some allergy or dietary restriction. i simply didn't like the flavor. but, you know where you see someone eat something that looks so good you want to have some too? that was me! so every summer, at least a few times that season, i would try again and again with no luck.
and any time a friend or family member would hear about it, they would recommend i try fill-in-the-blank type of hotdog. i cannot tell you how many types and fixings i've tried. so, flash forward to about a little over a month ago. T had found a new 'dog place on campus and thought i may want to try it. feeling optimistic, we went out and i ordered the chili dog...

and, for the first time in my life, i LOVED it! i still can't believe after all that time and effort, i finally found one that i liked. so, i can happily say now, that my mini quest has been long last :)

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