Wednesday, November 5, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[mix 'n match patterns; afternoon tea with my favorite local songbird]

today marks one whole month T and i have been crazy is that? but, in a good way! still crazy how fast the first month flew by and all that happened in it. we got married, went on our honeymoon, moved out of our first place together and moved into our home (that we own). it's been hectic, wonderful, hair-raising, beautiful, a crazy tornado of chaos and plans, and most of all, life. cannot wait to see where this adventure of our newly married life goes. i surely do love that baldy. 

[he thinks he's people; T in high school - WITH HAIR!]

[wedding photos; friday sushi night with my beau]

[my favorite police dog, caesar; family photo]

[ripened tomato; pancake sunday]

[napping pups; big ol' leaf]

[yummy mini-donut combos; gorgeous sunset]

[someone's getting a little grey on his mustache; delicious new soul food dive]

[banh mi and kimchi fries; first squash of the season] 

[cocktail hour with fresh heirloom tomatoes; best momento from our honeymoon]

[dressing up to pass out candy; succulent finds while exploring our new neighborhood]

[patrol brothers; newly stocked beer fridge]

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