Wednesday, November 12, 2014

wedding week: our look + bridal party

contrary to most ladies i knew growing up, i didn't have an idea of my perfect wedding dress. so, i found the idea of looking at dresses a little daunting...wonderful but, daunting. i didn't exactly know what i wanted it to look like but, i did know how i wanted to feel in it. i wanted to feel timeless, classic, romantic, and feminine. nothing too big or showy, nothing too trendy or dated, and most of all, nothing overtly sexual. once i started looking at gowns, i found myself drawn to lace, silk, and sweetly detailed dresses. funny enough, the dress ended up being the very first dress i tried on at the very first boutique i visited. i didn't want to jump to conclusions too quickly because i thought maybe it was a fluke. but, after trying on scores of other dresses and visiting other shops, i kept going back to how i felt in that first dress. it felt like me, made me feel comfortable and stunning all at the same time, and instantly made me daydream about walking down the aisle in it. and, the rest as you know, is history! 

i decided to not go with the veil as the idea of a floral crown felt a little more me. my ideas on my hair and makeup were the same as with my dress - romantic and very feminine. thankfully my curls were on board with it and paired great with my crown :) 

[these florals - so perfect and exactly what i was going for down to the succulents and juniper berries]

[sweet little ribbon trails for the 'maids bouquets]

[the prettiest 'maids you ever did see]

for my 'maids, i knew that finding our shades of blue colors would be tricky so, T and i picked out fabric swatches we passed out to our bridal parties. for the girls, i wanted them to feel that what they wore felt like them so, i let them pick out dresses that would fit best for their body-types. their only rule was to have it match the color swatch they picked out. and i have to say, they did a beautiful job making my vision for these colors a reality! for the guys, they had similar color swatches to pick out their dress shirts. as far as T's suit goes, he felt more comfortable rocking the three-piece grey suit as opposed to the traditional tux. so, his groomsmen followed suit, and they rocked the peach bow-ties and lapels as accents.  

[my sweet cousin and flowegirl - i love her]


[T and my brother :)]

[groomsmen and ushers with T]

[our adorable ring bearer aka our nephew]

knowing that my dress would prove a little tricky to wear the entire day, i started looking for similar styles for a reception dress. and, just like with the dress, it ended up being the very first one at the very first boutique i looked at. but, before i could order it myself, my amazingly thoughtful bridesmaids got it for me as a wedding gift. i was beyond floored by the gesture and it made me love wearing it that night all the more. 

[reception attire]

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