Friday, December 16, 2016

awesome and awkward

[autumn shades]

  • i came across the insta profile, ellen bennett, and have fallen in love with her pig, oliver. oliver's favorite thing to do is to get tucked in while laying on the couch...that's right, he's a pig, in a blanket. isn't that adorable?
  • T and i are gearing up for christmas and new year's which includes hosting christmas eve dinner for T's family (yay!), and one of my soul sisters is coming to stay with us to greet 2017 in style (yass!). i am so, so excited for the sweet memories to come in our home. 
  • speaking of christmas, T's parents and our nephew are going to be staying at our place for the holiday. and for some time now, our nephew has been very worried santa won't know where he is. then, i overheard the cutest conversation on the phone between him and T the other night. T told him he made sure to let santa know he'd be here and not to worry. T's mom said his eyes got huge, and when he got off the phone, he ran to his dad to tell him what uncle told him :)

  • last friday, T and i were out with friends for a little holiday dinner where we had quite possibly the worst waiter, ever. and this coming from someone who used to wait tables and bartend, so i always give the upmost benefit of the doubt. but, not only was this guy extremely rude, he made sure to scoff at our orders (and state why it wasn't a good choice), tell us he didn't place them at all, and looked extremely annoyed anytime we tried to be nice and thank him. if i didn't know better, i would've thought he was kidding at being so awful! it was bad enough to the point that it became comical to our gang by the end of the night.
  • while my aunt theresa was in town, we had T's parents and my nephew over for soul food. it was my nephew's first time having greens, and he was very skeptical about the look of them, let alone the idea of eating them. to get him to try them, we'd told him they'd make him big and strong, and that he could fly (he's been big into superhero powers lately, especially flying). it nearly worked until he panicked and said, "i don't want to fly, it's too high!" with tears welling up in his eyes. ...oops.

['frozen' tree installation]

[the most sparkly jacket, ever]

[hey einstein!]

[affogato, yes please]

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