Friday, December 9, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[all the colors; beautiful reflections]

what a week its been. it feels like it was somehow longer, and more tiresome than most. thankfully, T and i have holiday dinner and drinks with friends tonight, a new savory dish to try out saturday, and christmas cookies to bake in the in between time. it's lining up to be the perfect recharge from such a trying workweek.

[wine tasting]

[sir pouts most of the time; an update to a childhood classic]

[pretty details; musical views]

[brunch with family; good morning chuck!]

[fire starters; pretty tiling]

[happy hour (camp edition and flight edition)]

[rainy drives; my garden helper]

[hunky baldy; garden tours and double pours]

[curious pup; manzaritas for a dinner party]

[colorful office views; home spa soak]

[childhood memories in the form of this stew; sneaky drawings]

[weekend babysitting; afternoon sun]

[foggy mornings back home; funky bar hopping]

[celebrating new beginnings for a friend; husband's bolognese]

[happy 1 year to local lather; cozy homecomings]

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