Wednesday, December 6, 2017

that 70s show

have you ever had an item that was on your faraway wishlist? i'm talking an item or article of clothing that you've loved, but didn't think you'd come across in real life. well, this 70s style babydoll dress had been on the very tip-top of my faraway wishlist for as long as i can remember (followed by a pair of knee-high white patent-leather boots).

ever since i saw 70s mod girl halloween costumes growing up, i had always wanted the real thing. then, while out shopping at one of my favorite hidden gems with my mom, i stumbled upon it! it was perfect, even down to the last detail...the puffed sleeves, empire hem, brocade pattern, color combination, and fit. i fell in 70s babydoll dress love y'all.

T said i looked like a bond girl - um, yeah, i'll take that compliment! maybe i'm on a recon mission, or looking for a certain bald, bearded james bond of my very own to fall in love with...who knows? ;)

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