Monday, November 27, 2017

turkey time

i hope you all had a great holiday weekend! this year was T and i's turn to host his parents for turkey day, but we had the added pleasure to have my parents down as well. to say i was excited would barely be covering my excitement...think jumping for joy. 

this was the very first time we would host both sides for a major holiday, so i knew it had all the makings of a memorable day. 

we of course had wine, but to add to the festivities, i made an apple cider sangria. loads of fruit, a cinnamon stick, bourbon, apple cider, and wine - aka autumn in a cup. 

[mom working on appetizers]

[mashed potatoes to be]

[a little thanksgiving day roughhousing]

[matchy, match]

T took lead on smoking the turkey while i took lead on the sides. we made sure to include all the main staples: garlicky mashed potatoes, smoked turkey gravy, mashed sweet potatoes (courtesy of T's mom), roasted green beans with garlic and bacon, cornbread stuffing, and rolls (T's mom, of course). 

after dinner, we took advantage of the warm temperatures by lounging outside to watch the sun set while my brother taught my nephew how to kick around a soccer ball. a couple of people took the classic post-turkey nap, and we let our stomachs settle before dessert. 

[family photo]

[my love and fellow co-host/chef]

[pumpkin pie, caramel apple cheesecake, and chocolate + pudding trifle with dessert wine]

after more stories told, dad jokes made, and laughs shared, we closed the night with tender goodbyes. a beautiful holiday surrounded by those we love the absolute most, and i couldn't be more thankful we got to share it altogether. 

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