Sunday, February 26, 2012

surprise birthday visit

so you may not know but my 25th birthday is tomorrow! i've been spending the whole weekend so far celebrating with friends (family visit home to celebrate is upcoming) and it has been so amazingly wonderful. but today has certainly taken the cake! what i thought would be a sweet birthday brunch with T and my brother turned out to be so much more when....

my parents surprised me at the restaurant!!! i'm pretty sure i squealed when i saw them sitting at the table i was so happy. i beyond love surprises plus it doesn't hurt that i am so gullible so i never know when i'm being set up. after yummy food and gifts we thought of stopping by the art museum to look at the new glass pieces by chihuly...i of course took some snapshots along the way :)

the day was absolutely perfect and if you hadn't noticed, my family and i are going to destin later this year! eep, happy birthday gift indeed! i can't wait.

right now T is prepping some birthday shenanigans as i prep dinner and i have to say i'm so excited for my silvery year. i'm sure it will bring loads of new adventures, surprises and new ways to 'make lemonade'. either way i am so happy just having such great family and friends...and T + pup :)

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