Friday, September 7, 2012

i love...(a catch-up version)

[this owl charm on my newly growing charm bracelet]
have you ever savored little moments of silence? things at work have been overly chaotic for the past month plus with yesterday feeling as if it would never end. yesterday, towards the end of the day, my desk still had piles of papers to input in, last minute problems popping up left and right and me feeling like i didn't know where it would end. and then suddenly, 5 minutes until time to go, the phones stopped ringing, problems got resolved (finally), and instead of attempting to stress over the heaping paperwork remaining, i savored the silence. delicious enough as it was.
at least today has the promise of leading to the weekend! which brings me to my other note - i, being so overun with work craziness, completely forgot to post my favorites from the past month. so, to make up for it, i am doubling up my post today! happy friday!

[the fish market in my grocery!]

[goofy snapshots of boba like this one]

[post-workout berry-filled smoothies]

[solo's cute maneuver of sitting on our feet. i'm pretty glad he hasn't grown out of this just yet]

[summer drinks with my family...gets me excited for our upcoming beach trip]

[this light summer dessert introduced to me by our friend brian. i've been hooked ever since!]

[summertime fruits in festively decorated bowls]

[butterscotch chip cookies]

[my mom's homemade key lime pie - none have come close to its taste and consistency]

[this beautiful homemade crust courtesy of my mom's culinary skills]

[these mommy-daughter bracelets i got for my my mom's birthday. when they're put together, they reveal a sweet message.]

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