Friday, July 13, 2018

light canopy

a couple of weekends back, T and i finally tackled a long-awaited to-do (even longer than our pipe shelving diy) - the light canopy for our back patio! we made one in our first place together but it broke after several months. the squirrels at our old place chewed through the wiring and the winds snapped the wooden poles. we learned a lot of lessons with our first canopy and couldn't wait to have a re-do with this project a second time around. 

[first lesson to use: thicker wooden beams and instead of concrete poured into the ground, it is poured into buckets that can be moved or thrown out]

[our favorite mosquito deterrent and all natural, aka the true mvp of this project]

once the concrete was poured, beams set and leveled, T drilled holes into the sides of buckets to help with drainage. then, we added small pebbles to cover the concrete and provide extra drainage for future planting. 

[T hanging our lights]

[second lesson to use: solar lights instead of plug-in, and fingers crossed squirrels don't attack these wires]

once the planters had settled, we added in soil, compost, and healthy citronella plants. i am all for greener solutions to keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay. plus, as they grow, they'll fill in the rest of the buckets. win-win! 

[enjoying the fruits of our labor]

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