Monday, September 24, 2012

we're back!

sorry for the week+ gap in postings! T and i just got back yesterday from a week long holiday with the family and, in a few words, it was pure, sun-filled bliss. while we are getting settled back in to the swing of things, celebrating T's birthday with his family and, giving a heavy dose of ear rubs to a couple of very happy pups, i thought i would at least give a little photo snippet into what we did :)
first, there was a lot of time spent in the beautifully warm, white sand...

we investigated a few local treasures in all their deliciousness..

seized the opportunity to match in colorful shades to make for cute candid photo ops...

T, in several efforts to impress me (he made sure to ask each time how impressed i was :)), either dug lots of holes in the sand or took the opportunity to use me as his sand-mermaid model..

re-living and loving the kid within, we built several sandcastles which we named sand city (little ones nearby us were very impressed)..

spent lots of family time on the beach or in the water (i loved every minute of it)...

T and i stole lots of beachy kisses :)

and we marveled daily at the gorgeous sunsets and moonlit skies.

more details to come but until then, happy monday!!

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