Friday, July 17, 2015

under construction...

i'm sure most are familiar with the torrential rains OK received during the months of april and may. however, aside from a very small few, not too many we know knew our home had taken a hit. thankfully, it only caused damage to one room but, it meant that until it was resolved, we lost access to one of our favorite rooms. 

the carpet and pad - water-logged, damaged, and molded; the furniture - received no damage as we propped up what we could and moved the remaining to other rooms in the house; the underlying floor itself - readily pouring in water to relieve pressure. we went through stacks of towels (which had to be thrown out as they were destroyed after), box fans, and two shop vacs trying to slow the flow. and still, nothing helped. we couldn't soak up enough water long enough for any cement (wet or dry) to properly seal. we were at our wits end, exhausted, frustrated, and desperate. the rains wouldn't stop and, therefore, the waters kept pouring in. 

it took about a week of trying to dry damp carpet on our own before we realized it would have to go. truth be told, i got extremely emotional at this point in the process. i love this home of ours so much and to watch one of our favorite spaces get turned upside down was extremely difficult for me. i can't say it was a very pretty moment for myself or for T. but, it was a good learning lesson on how to work together in rough patches. it was also a good learning lesson on how to let the other vent and be vulnerable, while giving support. tough times have a way of teaching that :)

then, later rather than sooner, the downpour stopped and the floor finally started to dry back out. once it had, we realized we needed to get professionals involved...this meant checking out our insurance options (slim to none), speaking to our foundation company (didn't meet our warranty guidelines), and have two contractors come give us their solutions and quotes (the first - a dud, the second - our hero!). so, now that we have a real plan in place to fix it, we are also taking the opportunity to make some changes to the room. 

wish us luck as we tread new waters and make sure to keep checking in on our progress as we go along. we can't wait for you to see it when it's done!

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