Monday, September 30, 2013

"beignet, done that"

on our way coming back from destin, we realized we'd have an afternoon to kill in new orleans. and seeing as how none of us had been before, we thought it would be worth checking out. plus, i've always wanted to have a hurricane in the birthplace of its creation!
fortunately, we arrived saturday afternoon right as bourbon street got into full swing...

[i doubt people follow this just steps away from bourbon street]

[lovely musicians everywhere you looked]

from there, we ventured over to cafe du monde to eat to our hearts' content in beignets...

[so delicious, and, the more i think about it, i could go for an order right now]

after we left cafe du monde, we wandered back and stumbled onto a new orleans wedding parade. it was such a treat to see this in person and made me nearly jump in line to celebrate with them!

and the best part? we finally found waldo ;)

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