Thursday, September 12, 2013

gentlemen of the road, day two

day two of our festival venture started out hot...crazy hot. i'm pretty sure i've never sweated so much in a very very very long time. thankfully, there were a good amount of large shady trees which became our (and several others') refuge to enjoy the bands.

[catching a few rays in the shade with T]

[half moon run, consider me a new fan of yours!]

[laun snapping a few photos...]

at one point between bands, T and i checked out the food vendors and found a popsicle stand with yummy combinations. T's choice was white chocolate, raspberry and cheesecake while mine was key lime pie with oreo cookie. so so delicious and the perfect snack to beat the heat!

[alabama shakes, so much soul and so much more amazing in person]

[lots of hula hoopers]

then, came the outstanding show from mumford & sons...i had first seen them several years ago at another music festival and instantly fell in love. and here i was seeing them live for the second time under the canopy of a wide, star filled sky with my very favorite person and some great friends. an amazing moment in time followed by one of the best dance parties put on by the yatch club djs.

gentlemen of the road...thank you so much for one of the greatest music festivals shown to my sweet home state. we are beyond grateful for the experience, and, even with the blistering heat, would do it all over again!

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