Friday, February 21, 2014


do you ever just get the itch to take a trip? or to venture out of your normal routine and explore new surroundings? T and i do on occassion but, the wintry blizzards have kicked up our travel lust like crazy. and while, the weather conditions make it too difficult to travel by plane, we thought a mini roadtrip would satiate our cravings for exploration. so, we visited T's family down in texas where we were treated to dynamite ribs (i'm still dreaming about them), great wine, fun architecture, and amazing conversation.

while we were there, we also got to sit in on a cooking class by graham dodds, a local chef who hails from hibiscus. his dry humor and sarcasm were perfectly paired with his knowledge of using local produce and delicious food.

[veal stew with saffron risotto...yum]

[my favorite on quirky stairs]

we also got to explore the nearby farmer's market where i found i was very popular for the street vendors to give food samples to...and of course, i couldn't say no. ;)

[the holiday in cabo from the meddlesome moth]

plus, i found sweet little treasures to fall in love with. it was the perfect getaway and left us feeling refreshed to return home.

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